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Insurance Article

5 Tips to Safeguard Your Electronic Devices

July 16 2015

You ardently wish to connect to your loved ones, only to find that there is no mobile phone in your pocket. You sit down and wish you could atleast be entertained! You search for a remote. But, wait. There is no television!

This seems like your worst possible nightmare. Doesn't it? Electronic gadgets are unique and undoubtedly a necessity in this quick-easy-and-smart era. Convenience, comfort and connectivity - gadgets bring home all of these. So, it is imperative that we take due care of them to ensure their long life. Find below five tips that would guide you to safeguard your devices:

For Laptop Lovers and Mobile Geeks

Did you know that your laptop could melt if you left it under the sun for a long time? Or that sweat from your hands could damage your smartphone? Both laptops and mobiles, our smart companions are more susceptible to the elements of nature than we think. A few quick dos and don'ts:

1.Cover your phone with a phone cover, even if it means not getting to show off its sleek look. Covers not only keep dust out but also protect from sweat in humid conditions.

2. Don't (read strictly don't) use your laptop as a folder by keeping papers or pen on the keyboard. This could lead to screen damage.

3. Remember the 80-20 rule for laptop batteries. Avoid letting the charge fall below 20% or rise above 80% for a long battery life.

Rules for Home Appliances

Be it the television, refrigerator, air conditioner, mixer grinder, music system or water heater, any home appliance needs to be handled with care. Letting children use them is not only unsafe but can also damage the device irreparably. A few quick dos and don'ts:

1. Keep devices away from moisture, direct sunlight, rain, electromagnetic radiation, excessive heat and cold.

2. Get your devices serviced only by a professional mechanic.

3. Turn off the device when not in use. Not only will you curtail your electric consumption but you would also keep the device from being overheated.

Following the Written Word

Reading the instruction manual for directions to handle and maintain the device may be a tad bit boring. But, taking time out to read the fine print is something that you won't regret. Following them diligently is important to avoid causing any damage to the machine or its software unknowingly.

Shielding against Internet Vultures

Internet connects you to the world. But, it also means that some Internet vultures are connected to you. These include hackers, viruses and others who prey on your data. A few quick dos and don'ts:

1. Always install an antivirus software

2. Manage privacy settings on social networking and other sites to restrict access

3. Avoid using very simple or predictable passwords

Availing Contents Insurance Policy

While you can't physically safeguard your valuable gadgets from all risks, you can protect yourself from losses in case they are damaged or burgled by availing a Contents Insurance Policy. A type of home insurance policy, this is available at an affordable rate and provides home owners and tenants with:

1. Reimbursement of the market value of devices if they get stolen

2. Security against losses in case the device is damaged due to natural calamities like fire, earthquakes, lightning, storms, etc.

Available online, Contents Insurance Policy is a smart financial tool for your electronic devices. Click here to know more about the benefits of the plan.


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