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6 Reasons Why You Need Security Cameras At Home

May 26 2015
How CCTV cameras offer better protection and safety to your home
- Thomas Watson

Cameras have become more discreetCameras have become more discreet

They are used not only outdoors but also indoors to safeguard your property and valuables. Other than recording activities in and around your house, there are other benefits of security cameras at home.

An Empty House

Security cameras facilitate continuous recording of the exterior and interior of your house when you aren't at home. If you are going to work or going for a long holiday, the main unit will record footage from all cameras, which can be viewed once you return.

External hard drive compatibility and night vision ensure that these cameras can record hundreds of hours of footage, even in low light conditions. Ask the security company to evaluate your premises and suggest the best options for you.

Wireless Monitoring

Watch your house from workWatch your house from work

With the help of a Wi-Fi connection and a laptop or smart phone, you can check your video feed on the move. This feature provides peace of mind when you're travelling abroad for long periods of time. If you have many people going in and out of your house while you're away, it's easy to keep a check on their activities. Just login with the app and you'll have direct access to video from every camera in your house.

Pacify Your Concerns

A useful trick most people don't realize is that your security camera can double up as a baby monitor. You can monitor the safety of your child through from another room, with the two way audio microphone alerting you when they cry. If you employ and entrust your child with a babysitter, it never hurts to know if your loved one is safe and sound while you're away. During your absence, the wellbeing and care of any elderly members in your house can also be monitored.

The same advantages apply if you're leaving your pets behind while travelling. A lot of pet owners ruin their vacations through incessant worrying and fretting about their pets back home. With home surveillance, you can ensure that they are being regularly fed and walked by their caretaker.

Stay Vigilant

Monitor your surroundingsMonitor your surroundings

A CCTV camera perched above your front door helps you identify visitors before opening the door. Opening doors to strangers can be risky, in both urban and rural areas, and trespassers are a cause for concern when living in a bungalow. Infrared cameras enable you to monitor intruders when its pitch dark at night.

Burglary and Theft

The number of burglaries in empty houses is shooting up, especially in the holiday season. You leave your most valuable possessions behind, and return to find your house broken into and robbed. Recorded footage from security cameras is useful evidence while lodging an FIR with the police and claiming your losses from your insurer.

If a domestic help is accused of petty thievery, the accusation that can be verified using surveillance footage. Furthermore, the presence of surveillance cameras in the house can deter thieves from robbing it.

Affordable Surveillance Solutions

A few years ago CCTV systems could only be afforded by large businesses and affluent people. Advances in technology have improved security cameras, which are now extremely affordable and easy to use. They come ready to work out of the box and can be set up without the help of professional assistance. Contact the nearest security provider today to purchase a surveillance system that will safeguard your home and everything in it.

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