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7 Smart Ways to Make Your Home Childproof

November 30 2017
Make Your Home Childproof

Ways to make your child safe from accidents at home

A house with children means joy, happy feet and peals of laughter. Let not the laughter fade away into sad cries. While you are with your baby or small children, you can monitor their movement and keep them away from switches, staircases, stoves, sharp objects, electric gadgets and so on.

However, what happens when you are not around? Here are few of the smart ways to childproof your home.

Cover Plug Outlets

The thought of kids putting their fingers into power sockets is terrifying. You can use sliding latch or plug-in caps to cover the bare plug points. Ensure that the child is not able to push back the latch or put the cap in their mouth.

Safety Gates

Once the child starts crawling, they can wriggle their way to an area that leads to a staircase. It is important to have a safety gate installed and properly latched. If there is a higher platform in the room, then make use of railings or other boundary walls to keep the child from tumbling from the higher platform.

Door Stoppers

As the child saunters all around the house, they can hurt themselves against the doors and windows by sliding or slamming against them. You need to latch the doors and windows firmly. If they can’t be closed, then you can use doorstoppers, so that the doors do not slide and hurt the child when they play near them.

Stove Guard

Kids love to touch and play with whatever comes their way. In the kitchen, they may turn the knobs and accidentally put the flame on. They may place their hands on the burner. You can use knob covers to prevent the kids from turning them on. Also, you can remove the hot burners after use to prevent any harm coming to them. Keep glassware, sharp utensils like knives, and gas lighters away from the child's reach.

Keep Gadgets Out of Use

Keep the microwave, washing machine and other machines, out of the reach of toddlers and small kids. If that is not possible, keep them unplugged and locked, so that they cannot be operated. The cabinets and drawers should be kept locked as well. Detergents, lotions, chemicals, cleaners, dyes and all those harmful substances that can bring about complications if ingested, should be made inaccessible.

Buffer Rough Edges

The child can easily get hurt by the rough edges of taps, furniture, doors etc. You can use corner cushions and tap covers to protect the child from bruising itself.

Toppling of Furniture

The children love to climb the tables, sofas and the ladders. They may lean on it to play or to balance themselves. If the furniture topples it can hurt the child. Therefore, you should choose heavy furniture that does not topple easily. Use furniture leg caps so that there’s no slippage when the child pushes or leans against it.

The child may even pull or hang on the wire of some gadget, which is kept at a height. This may lead to the gadget crashing on the floor and hurting the child on its way down. You need to keep the cords and the wires coiled up and out of reach.

Along with these safety measures, safeguard your home with a home insurance plan. The best home insurance policy will provide adequate coverage for your home and its content against fire, theft and burglary.

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