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Insurance Article

7 Tips & Smart Security Systems to Prevent Burglary

October 18 2018

Burgle-proof your home with inexpensive tips and smart security systems

Home is synonymous with safety and the one place where one can truly feel secure. However, the steadily rising burglary rates in our country beg to differ. To counter the danger and loss from burglaries and thefts, technology has given us yet another solution – smart security systems.

If you want to capitalize on the convenience and security provided by a smart security system here are the ones you need to know about.

Smart Alarm

A smart alarm is a holistic solution that not only performs well in securing your home from burglars, but also informs you about gas leaks, fire, and whether your family members have reached home or not. With indoor and outdoor security cameras that you can monitor from your phone, you will know exactly what’s happening in and around your home.

Video Doorbell

A quick trick burglars use to see whether the owners are at home or not, is to ring the doorbell. A smart video doorbell is a basic smart security system that allows you to see and answer from anywhere, protecting your house at all times.

Motion Sensors

A motion sensor detects movement in certain areas of your home. Not only does this work well to prevent burglary by warning you about trespassers and activity near the area they are installed in, but also let you know when your pet or children wander to restricted areas dangerous for them, like the balcony.

However, if you’re not too convinced about smart security systems just yet, here are a few quick and inexpensive tips that could help burglar-proof your home.

Change the Locks

When you’re moving into a new home, packing and moving isn’t all you need to worry about. One crucial safety measure most new homeowners forget to take is getting the locks changed.

You never know who has a key to your home. It could be anyone from the broker and neighbours to the friends, family and house help of the previous owner. Hire a trustworthy locksmith and get the locks changed of all the doors in the house, in addition to the main door.

Make Smart Use of Timers

Do you know when is the golden opportunity for burglars to strike? When you’re away from home, on vacation or business trip. Timers for lights and electronics can be easily purchased and smartly utilized for home security on vacation. If thieves get an impression that you’re home, they are likely to stay away from it.

Don't Let Your Mail Pile Up

Another way to ensure home security on vacation is by asking your neighbours to collect your mail for you. When mail piles up, it’s an indication to the burglars on the lookout that you’re away.

Even if you’re around, you don’t want your mail to sit for too long. Burglars can get a lot of sensitive information about you, your family, your daily schedule and any planned vacations from your mail.

Be Mindful of Your Trash

Yes, it’s uncommon to pay much attention to what you throw away in the trash but that’s exactly the kind of thing you have to be careful of. It’s an easy way for thieves to decide which house to target next because, it gives them a good idea of any big recent purchases made.

From now on, make sure to tear the receipts, bills as well as receipts stuck on cardboard delivery boxes.

If you follow the above home security tips and install a smart security system, you’ve almost done everything you can in your power to protect your home and all your valuables it contains. Getting property insurance is the final and the most crucial step. As it acts as a safety net that insulates you from any financial hardships that may arise from burglary, riots, water leakage or fire.

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