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9 Awesome Budget-friendly Tips to Revamp Your Home

March 11 2015

Read on, to find out how.

1. Lights in a Jar

Fill in mason jars of various sizes with fairy lights for a decked up conversation piece. This trick illuminates your living room to create a magical vibe. You could also throw in some Christmas lights in various colors to replace the outdated table lamp.


2. Bottles Up

Unleash your inner creativity. All you need are emptied glass bottles, glass paints and some rope. Paint the bottles with colors that complement your decor. Or spin ropes around the bottle and paint them. Add tiny accents for a personalized effect. Now arrange the freshly made bottles along your windowsill or an empty rack for a rustic look.


3. Van Gogh The Wall

This is the easiest and cheapest solution to instantly brighten up any room. Paint the accent wall with youthful colors. Or you could just turn it into your memory shrine by sticking up family frames and Polaroids or handprints of every family member!


4. Expand The Room With Mirrors

Mirrors, if placed strategically have the ability to create the illusion of a wider room. It breaks focus off the corners and tiny spaces and hence, projects a spacious appearance. Choose mirrors with frames that harmonize your interior decoration.


5. Wash Up With New Faucets

You would be surprised how a tiny faucet can actually add a style quotient to your bathroom sink. Opting for a modern faucet with sharp and innovative design does wonders to your kitchen too.


6. Fill Out Your Online Cart

With technology accessible on your palm, it is possible to buy furnishings online. Look up for sites that offer old furniture at reasonable prices. Products like chairs, tables, dressers, bar stools are easily available. Spray paint or polish them to match your decor. Who knows, you may end up with a pot of gold at the cost of peanuts!


7. Swing the Chandelier

Replace demode chandeliers into new dome ceiling lights. Another alternative is to hang wall lamps that emit powerful lights; this would take up less space and add height to your room.


8. Vintage Trinkets

Jazz up your room with vintage pieces that manifest a rustic and sophisticated charm. Visit local antique or thrift stores to get fabulous deals on unique decor and furniture. Items such as old-fashioned chairs, frames, paintings or ottoman chairs can magnify the elegance of a room.


9. Pop Up The Book Shelf

Add a modern twist to the boring bookshelf by painting it with bright colors. It will break the monotony of the wall and keep the compliments pouring in. You could also experiment with various wall textures or wallpapers according to your taste and preferences.


Remodeling a house can be excruciatingly painful. Whether you are redoing your front room or renovating the kitchen, there are easy ways to recreate a high-end lifestyle decor without having to spend thousands or take up weeks for completion. You can select your best pick and add your own spin to these ideas.

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