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Clever Ways to Reduce Water Wastage at Home

April 04 2018
Ways to Reduce Water Wastage

Fresh water is a limited resource and we all have a duty to save it by taking certain steps

Fresh, clean, drinkable water is a limited resource on our planet. While water is found in abundance across the globe, most of it is saline. Desalinating sea or ocean water is an expensive process. In certain parts of the world, access to clean water is restricted and contaminated water causes thousands of deaths every year.

Only when we understand that water is an invaluable resource at our disposal, can we take steps to conserve it. Even a little water saved each day can add up to a lot over time. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Install Water-Conserving Faucets, Shower Heads and Aerators

Easy and inexpensive to install, water-conserving faucets restrict the flow of water thereby saving water every time you use it. Low-flow shower heads are also available which can be mounted on existing shower heads to limit the flow of water when you are taking a shower.

Installing aerators is an inexpensive yet effective way of saving water. Once installed, these gadgets will serve you for years in your home and help save thousands of litres of water over time.

Check Your Home for Hidden Water Leaks

Get your property checked by a professional to identify hidden leakages through which water might be getting wasted, without you even knowing it. You can alternatively use your water meter to check for leakages yourself. You can do this by reading your water meter for a stretch of time during the day when nobody is using water in the property.

Use Your Washers Only On Full Capacity

Clothes and dishwashers can be fully loaded in order to conserve the optimum amount of water on each use. A lot of water is wasted if only half of the machine’s capacity is used each time. Also, pre-washing and pre-rinsing modes should be avoided as it saves a lot of water.

Save Water in Your Garden and Yard

Planting drought-resistant plants and shrubs that require little or no watering, can save litres of water each day. Varieties of drought-resistant grasses are available in nurseries which requires very little watering and can allow you to have your own “Eco-lawn”. Planting native plants also helps save water.

All the above steps will ensure that you do your part in conserving water. Just like water, your home is also a precious thing. You can protect it by taking out a home insurance policy that provides coverage to both the structure and contents that are inside it.

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