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Feng Shui Secrets Revealed

July 15 2015
Stay positive

Stay positive

Stay organized

Stay organized

Power of Chi

Power of Chi



Balance energy

Balance energy


Pursuit of affordable luxury and modern living spaces often lead us to ignore essential Feng Shui elements. Read ahead to discover secrets related to Feng Shui and make the most of it.

Live Clutter-free

A cluttered room hampers the flow and balance of positive energy within your home. The general idea is to have a de-cluttered space that is neat, clean and comfortable. Your home decor should let you move around easily and make visitors feel welcome.

Tips to de-clutter your home:
  • Cleaning equipment such as brooms, mops and trash bins should be kept out of sight.
  • Shoe racks, preferably covered with a door/flap, should be well-organized to seal the negative energy inside.
  • Being minimalistic is the key. Avoid going overboard with decor.

Energy Flow

Energy flow is the basis of all good and bad Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui, energy (or Chi) should not flow straight. A meandering path or a wavy pattern of energy flow in your house is more desirable.

Tips for enhancing the pattern of energy flow:

  • Placing objects with a strong presence in the direct pathway of energy can aid in deflecting its flow.
  • Place potted plants, wind chimes or vivid illustrations in long corridors to break the flow of Chi.
  • A colorful rug is said to firmly ground the energy flowing in your home.
  • Open racks and shelves are said to be injurious to the health of residents. Remember to cover them up.


Robust and bright main entrance doors are said to attract wealth and good luck. Entrances directly facing kitchen doors are known to be a cause of health issues for the leading lady of the house. Entrance doors facing a flight of steps, too, are a big 'No'. Stairs drive away good energy, leaving none on the same level.

Door decor tips:

  • Create a barrier (like a screen door) to balance out the negative energy.
  • Install wind chimes on the main door. Ensure the chimes are hollow and made of either metal or wood.
  • Refrigerators are equivalent to granaries and they represent food and wealth. Thus, avoid having a refrigerator facing the main door or the back door as it indicates exposed wealth.
  • Do not align your bed with the room door. Position it either on the opposite or the wall diagonally opposite to the bedroom entrance.


Avoid placing a mirror that reflects your bed or your main entrance. While a mirror facing your entrance reflects negative as well as positive energy, one placed facing your bed could interfere with your sleep and concentration.

Tips to place mirrors:

  • Place a potted plant in front of your mirror in the drawing room.
  • In case you have a built-in bedroom mirror, cover it with a curtain. The ideal place for bedroom mirrors is beside the bed.

Feng Shui is all about the efficient flow and balance of energy. You need to choose aesthetically pleasing interiors to soften the harsh energy and optimize benefits of harmony.


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