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Feng Shui Tips for your Home

December 24 2014

An age-old Chinese method of artistically and architecturally arranging objects, homes, and buildings, Feng Shui creates perfect harmony for attracting wealth, health and success. Are you looking for basic tips to arrange your home as per the principles of Feng Shui? Stay with us as we tell you more.

The Five Elements of Feng Shui

The Harnessing the power of the five elements - earth, metal, water, wood and fire can do wonders. This doesn't mean that you need to actually have a fireplace at home! Activating the luck of these five sectors through objects that represent them will do the trick. For example, the earth element can be activated by placing ceramics or pottery. Metal is represented by electronic gadgets, water by aquariums or water pictures, wood by living plants and fire through red paintings or candles.

Welcome Good Chi!

Welcome Good Chi!Universal energy, also known as 'chi' is of prime importance in maintaining the balance of positive energy. Your main door must create an atmosphere for good 'chi'. Avoid sharp corners or storage spaces at the entrance, as it is known to stall 'chi' and cause health issues.

Do: Use vibrant colors like a blue door, red and green plants, doormats etc.

Don't: Place any mirrors on the sidewalk or main entry as it is considered inauspicious.

Yang in the Living Room

Yang in the Living Room

Furniture in your living room should be inviting, facilitating easy movement. This room is generally a yang area. Yin and yang are symbols of opposing energy connected to the Chinese culture. Symbiotic to each other, Yin (black) is associated with softness, feminism, night or coldness, whereas, Yang (white) stands for masculinity, day, spirit or warmth.

Do: Reflect on your tastes and choices. Add yin influences like a bright lamp, an aquarium or a water fountain.

Don't: Use red-colored sofa sets.

Balancing Yin and Yang while Cooking

Balancing Yin and Yang

Kitchen is the vital part of your home since it can radiate general happiness. To have good Feng Shui, it is advisable not to have your kitchen near the front or back door. The energies here can escape easily. Keep the kitchen decor to the minimal and do not crowd it with many gadgets. Balance two major elements - fire, with its yang energy, and water, with yin energy.

Do: Paint the interiors with brighter colors. Add pictures of nature.

Don't: Place the stove opposite the washing machine, wash basin or refrigerator. Fire and water facing each other can cause disagreements between family members.

Have Good Chi Dreams

Good Chi Dreams

Bedrooms are passive areas and it is essential to create a passive interior for the bedroom to enjoy a good night's sleep. Use soothing color palette like pale white, pastels, rich chocolate brown. Avoid placing televisions or other electronic gadgets as this disturbs the energy of the room. Add pleasing arts and images.

Do: Place the bed always with a solid wall behind it.

Don't: Use bunk beds for children. The child sleeping in the bottom bunk may not have 'fresh chi' and might suffer from weak health.

Transforming Bathrooms

Transforming Bathrooms

All energy is said to drain out in the bathroom. To maintain chi, balance all the five elements here by using the colors - black, white, green, yellow and red in the various decorative items like mats, faucets, towels, plants, etc.

Do: Hang a painting or picture of all the elements.

Don't: Leave the drain holes open. Cover it with a top.

Maintain a vibrant environment at home with these tips. Now, that's what we all strive for. Don't we?

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