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Insurance Article

Five Reasons Why You Need Home Insurance

January 16 2015


According to an India Today report (2014), on an average, Delhi reports 26 cases of burglaries daily! It is time you changed your mindset about home insurance policies; they can't be ignored any more. If the fish in the picture can figure it out, so can you. Here are five reasons that might help you to do just that:

1. Protection Against Perils

From loss due to the unlikely missile testing operations to the likely fire outbreak, a home insurance policy financially protects your house and its belongings, or structure and its contents as the purists like to term it. An insurance policy covers losses caused due to natural as well as man-made calamities. There are floater covers available as well that insure your house against terrorist attacks.

2. No Burglary Worries

How would you feel when you come back to your abode after a vacation and find your home as vacant as the beach in Fiji? It is not necessary that only you should have a good time while you are vacationing, now is it? If the age-old thought of 'Precaution is better than cure' is applied, then it would be safe to assume that you actually facilitated the loss due to burglary by not availing home insurance. Burglary insurance covers financial loss that could arise due to loss of contents of the house and loss of jewelry, gold ornaments, silver articles and precious stones kept under lock and key. Stay safe, stay secure by getting insured.

3. Safeguarding Your Biggest Asset

Owning a house is like marking your place on planet earth. No Earthling or a Martian for that matter can challenge you regarding the ownership of that place. People work tirelessly to purchase their dream house but fail to cherish it by not availing a home insurance. You can choose to opt for structure insurance or contents insurance to safeguard your biggest asset. You can also choose to opt for both and ensure a comprehensive cover.

4. Peace of Mind

Meditation is good but a sound home insurance policy will add to your peace of mind. Accidents can never be predicted but their consequences can be.

Knowing you have a backup in case nature realigns itself by creating natural disasters or in case somebody emulates ape-like behavior by causing man-made disasters, is a sure shot way of safeguarding your interest.

5. Convenience

When everything from a doormat to an entire house can be purchased online, why should availing online home insurance be any different? Avoid extensive documentation and tedious paperwork by simply filling out an online form, making payment and getting an online copy of your home insurance policy in no time.

These five reasons will help you streamline your search for an insurance policy that suits your need. Lastly, remember to not fall prey to the 'compare insurance' bandwagon; pick a policy based on its merits, your requirements and not just the premium.

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