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Furniture for the Modern Home

November 25 2014

In most cases, it is the furniture that makes all the difference. Here's a look at how the right furniture can spruce up your home.

The Living Room

Minimal is in, particularly so for the living room as it creates the first impression of your home. Revamp the place by replacing heavy furniture with sleek, compact, and contemporary designs for that stunning look (and ease of maintenance). Opt for neutral shades, floral curtains and set them against neutral-hued walls. Drop lights and false ceilings add a great artistic look.

For the bold kinds, go contrast and opt for darker shades or monochromes. Add a theme wall if you wish and place your favourite armchair against it. While monochromes lend an uber-sophisticated look, dark hues wield the power of making designs look sharper and the space smaller.

Amongst the wide range of sofas (read colours, styles, designs, feel and material), few of the popular ones that offer value for money are:

  • Sectional sofas (for multi-piece and multi-shape arrangement)
  • Lawson style sofas (known for maximum comfort)
  • Mid-century modern sofas (with sharp and neat looks)

Futon sofas need mentioning too as they offer a great combo deal of sofa cum bed (apt for that extra bed when you have guests at home).

The Kitchen

A kitchen not well furnished, could spell disaster. Convenient usage, maximum storage, contemporary looks, and cost-effective maintenance are indispensable attributes of the modern kitchen. In designs, ‘Modular’ is the buzz word, that offers a compact look replete with sink, chimney, oven, cabinets, stove, and the like. To get the best deal and give a personal touch, go for customized modular kitchens instead of readymade ones.

In case you wish to plan-it-yourself, take stock of your storage requirement before choosing layouts and cupboards. Look for walls and corners that can be utilised for placing cabinets, racks or hanging shelves. Big pots or kadhais will require that extra-spacious rack. Go for a stainless steel sink (as it is durable, eco-friendly, and 100% anti-fungal) with sufficient depth and width to hold your vessels straight.

Remember kitchens are an extension of your home, so opt for countertops that compliment your home.

The Bedroom

To most, bedrooms are a private sanctuary- a place to revel in solitude. Besides, it is the place where you spend nearly eight hours a day i.e. around 2920 hours a year! So how do you add value to a room that is immensely crucial for your physical and mental well-being?

To start with, you can get a king-sized Divan bed (generally with a hollow base for storage) and compliment it with soft-hued drapes, and wall shades for the illusion of a cosier and bigger room. Or go in for a contemporary Sleigh bed (with curvature contours resembling a sleigh), coupled with dark and contrast shades to achieve a sultrier look. Let a bedside table or two, a dresser cabinet, and

the usual cupboards complete the quintessential-compact bedroom look.

For rooms with a serious space constraint, a Murphy bed (also known as the wall bed) could be the solution. If you have children, opt for canopy, loft or cabin beds that give extra space for play and lend a stylish fun look to the room. Pastel, bright, or sorbet colours would add zing to your junior's room.

Modern living calls for convenience and optimum utility of space. And every home speaks of a personality. What's yours?

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