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Gardening without a Garden? Ideas for balcony greens

November 04 2015

Green Curtain

Here are few ideas to create a garden in your balcony and satiate your love for being close to nature

Shoe Rack

One of the cheapest and easiest gardening ideas is to repurpose an old shoe organizer. Besides occupying minimal space,it is also attractive. One can easily grow mixed leaf salads, peas, mini tomatoes, coriander and various herbs to create an attractive green corner in your balcony.

Create Privacy

Use creepers to create that curtain of leaves to wall off peering eyes from other apartments. Tall bamboo plants in pots also create walls that create private space in open balconies.

Go Vertical

Vines and fast-growing climbers are good for small spaces. Make sure you fasten those containers on the wall. They allow you to grow a vertical canopy of shade giving your balcony the green house feel that you may crave for in small apartments.

Plant something fragrant

It's this choice that makes your balcony garden an oasis! Remember mint is a plant you can eat, drink the tea made from its leaves and it doesn't die that quickly. Then there are others like roses, jasmine, basil and rosemary, the list goes on and on with plants that have wonderful scents.

Build your kitchen garden

Use an assortment of kettles, jugs,mugs and tin containers to plant herbs that can easily grow in your balcony garden. Enjoy cooking with fresh herbs. Planting herbs simply requires containers with holes, two parts soil, part coarse sand and sunlight

Plant some flowers

Another wonderful idea for a balcony garden is to have a spring bloom. Roses are one of the best selections since they come in various colors and various sizes. Choose colors that match or complement your walls. Other flowers one can grow in pots are Hibiscus that also comes in various colors, Jasmine that provides amazing fragrance, Begonias that are easy to grow and many more.

Create a cozy corner

A green corner, little bistro tables with a couple of chairs makes a great spot for coffee, croissants, and a crossword. Varying height gives you more space to put plants in your balcony enabling you to create the feel of an enveloping garden and creating your cozy corner

In a balcony, every inch counts. So make the most of it. Don't let an opportunity for cultivating greens pass by you. Since you are spending time and effort to beautify your balcony, safeguard this sacred space and your home with a comprehensive home insurance policy.

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