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Insurance Article

Get a new cover for your mobile

May 04 2012

Mobiles lost are the part and parcel of our daily lives. There are times and situations that demand change in mobile phone. For instance: If you forgot your mobile phone in a rickshaw, loss of cell phone while traveling, theft, destroyed during an accident and many more such unforeseen situations demand purchasing a cell. There are many mobile owners who may have to experience such problems. In fact buying a new cell phone after 6-12 months is not just a new trend, but it is also the increasing numbers of tempting high end gadget companies that lieu every customer towards buying one. Hence, in all the above situations one thing is very clear, that people are spending more and more money on buying cellphones, thus burning a hole in the pockets. Hence, keeping this situation in mind, today many insurance companies are noticed offering insurance options.

Many insurance companies Customers who lose their mobiles due to theft or burglary i.e if the cellphone has been taken forcefully, then then the compensation is surely paid off. But, due to negligence of an individual loses his cellphone then he is surely not compensated for the same.

Though this mobile phone policy act has not readily picked up in India, but in western countries this concept is already established and many customers are already taking advantage of such cell phone policies.


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