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Insurance Article

Home Security during Festival Season

October 21 2016
Home Security - Home Insurance

Protect your home this festive season

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) 2014 report reveals that there were 38,071 cases of robbery in the country. According to media reports, 20% of all cognisable cases registered with the police are related to property offences – threat, housebreaking or robbery. A large number of cases also go unreported.

With advancement in technology and widespread use of social media, robbers are also leveraging it to their advantage. Now, homes are often targeted based on social media posts declaring that the owners are out on holiday, rather than merely by looking at locked doors! The upcoming festive season enhances the susceptibility of homes to such threats, with long vacations and the bustle of celebrations just around the corner.

As you get busy with preparing for the festivities or that long-awaited family holiday, ensure your home is secure with the following tips:

  • Employ a Watchman
  • A trustworthy watchman can ensure the safety of your premises. The diligence of your watchman will prevent any kind of trespassing, thus minimising the risk of your house being robbed.

  • Install CCTVs
  • Technology is a boon; leverage it to your advantage. CCTVs can reduce the crime susceptibility of your neighbourhood. For instance, according to Delhi Police reports, criminal incidents reduced by 50% in Chandni Chowk area after installation of CCTVs.

  • Get Alerts
  • You could get live alerts of the CCTV footage on your personal device, such as smartphone, which you carry on your person. Additionally, susceptible entry points can also be secured with electronic locks that are connected to your smartphone and alert you in case of unauthorised access or attempted break-in.

  • Lock it up
  • Ensure all the doors and windows are properly locked, especially at night and when you leave the house. Don't hide the duplicate or master keys in obvious places. Also, any valuables such as jewellery that you may bring home for the festive season should be kept under lock and key.

  • Avoid Flaunting
  • Do not make expensive buys apparent; gifts and other valuables that you buy should be placed in unobtrusive boxes and bags to avoid unnecessary attention from strangers. Moreover, do not make your holiday a public discussion by posting it on social media platforms and leaving an open invite to intruders.

  • Opt for Comprehensive Home Insurance
  • A comprehensive home insurance that safeguards the structure and contents of your home can cushion your finances in case of any untoward incidents such as burglary, theft, break-in, etc. The policy also covers any calamities that may occur, such as riots, terrorist attacks, etc. while you are away.

Security tools such as those mentioned above will protect your home while also substantiating your insurance claim in case of losses. Some insurance providers also offer reduction in premium in case policyholders have taken proactive additional measures to protect their property.

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