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Insurance Article

Home Security Systems

October 20 2015

Sophisticated Security Systems

The home security systems industry in India has grown rapidly over the last few years to include a wide variety of customized devices: access control systems, surveillance equipment, alarm, fire detection and protection, dry gas suppression and even fire-resistant walls/floors. Motion sensors, vibration sensors, glass breakage sensors are add-on features many use in their homes.

These are all modern sophisticated equipment designed to 'protect' your home by sounding the alarm and alerting your security agency into action.

Leaving your home 'alone' for some time need not be a concern any longer. No need to tell the neighbours to keep an eye on the front door. 'Institutions' like the trusted watch dog and the tall rusty iron gates are now probably relics of the past.

However, very often there may be loopholes in the security systems:

  • Protection of the entire home is necessary, not just the main door and a few windows in the main room. If you are going the equipment route then make sure you cover all possible entry and exit and blind spots/spaces in your home
  • Improperly calibrated and poorly-maintained equipment that doesn't work when needed the most is a waste of your investment.
  • Passwords that can be easily guessed or breached. Intruders may be an acquaintance or someone familiar with your home, its occupants and its surroundings prior to the actual break-in.
  • Security products that don't in effect combine, e.g. tracking cameras may disrupt a motion detector; two pieces of equipment too close to each other may lead to electromagnetic interference.

Of course, these are unlikely to soothe the emotional loss you would have to endure if your home or ''nest'' is burgled or intruded upon and precious articles stolen or damaged.

Mix home security systems with home policies

At the end of the day however, one trusted sentinel or custodian of your home is the home insurance policy from a trusted party. Look around, check some sites. Find out and install a security system for your home but remember technology has its limitations and there's nothing like the 'old-fashioned' home insurance policy.

Remember crime prevention through the security systems route is one thing, but especially if it's your own hallowed ''nest'' in question, with all its vault of memories and valuables, there's nothing quite like the time-tested 'umbrella' i.e. a home insurance policy and a home contents policy to dovetail with the security systems/gadgets installed.

There's a strong case for a ''mix'' of several elements: the security systems equipment being one of them and a home and content insurance policy being the other.

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