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How to Create a ‘Wellness Focused’ Household?

May 31 2017
Wellness focused households

All you need to know about wellness focused households

The advent of new millennium brought about a drastic change in people’s lifestyle and standard of living. With this, people’s perception towards wellness and a healthy lifestyle also underwent similar changes. Things like budget and location that mattered the most while buying a house took a backseat for other important amenities like gyms, yoga centres, swimming pools, open parks, spa centres etc. So how exactly did this change come about? Let’s look at it.

What are Wellness Homes?

Wellness focused households or wellness homes, as they are commonly known, are homes that lay special emphasis on the interaction between the occupants and the built environment. Such interactions not only shape our physical health but also our behaviour. That is why we call them ‘Wellness Homes’.

Wellness homes are organised into seven categories of wellness called concepts, which are, air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind. All these factors work together to address specific health, comfort, or behavioural aspects that go on to establish a wellness home.

How are They Different from Normal and Green Homes?

Wellness homes are often confused with Green Homes. Although Green Homes are an amazing initiative to protect and conserve the environment, they are primarily focused on improving the environment only. Wellness homes on the other hand are focused on improving both the lives of the occupants and the environment.

Normal homes give the benefit of being in accordance to the buyer’s choices and preferences, their budget and choice of location. This accordance often neglects the other important aspects such as air, water, nourishment, fitness, mind, comfort, and light that go a long way in shaping and maintaining the overall well-being of its occupants. Wellness homes take into consideration these factors as they prioritise to raise the living standard of its residents through quality care.

Need for Wellness Homes in India

With an increase in lifestyle related diseases including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and others, people are turning to lifestyle related preventive approaches to counter them. Both normal and green households diminish before wellness households when it comes to a better and healthier residence. Wellness homes are the need of the hour in every city in India since the rise in pollution makes every day insufferable for the inhabitants.

In a survey conducted by Tata Housing in the year 2015 across Indian metros, it was found that consumers, especially millennials, prefer wellness focused homes, which assure only the highest standards of quality, pure air, and water and a healthy atmosphere in which they can thrive. This slow realisation is finally dawning on other age groups also who are now turning towards homes with better wellness standards.

Target Audience

Wellness homes are currently being developed in Indian metros for upwardly mobile nuclear or joint families who are conscious about their health and are looking to upgrade their normal residences to wellness-focused homes. Generally, the residents who are well read and educated and are aware of the global trends make up the target audience. The average price for these homes is set at ₹1.5 - ₹2 crore with the first wellness home project coming up in Thane while another project is slated to come up in Bangalore.

Safeguard Your Wellness Home

Homebuyers are recommended to avail home insurance as it safeguards their wellness homes in times of any unfortunate events and calamities. According to a report in the Economic Times, if you finance your home loan and you purchase home insurance at the time of financing it, you could get a discount of up to half per cent on your home loan.

Make sure your next home is a wellness home that allows you to lead a healthy and sustainable life!

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