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Insurance Article

How To Keep Your Home Germ-Free

March 20 2018
 Keep Your Home Germ-Free

Proactively keeping your home clean ensures good health all year round

During the flu season, as well as throughout the year, it is essential that we keep our home germ-free. A clean home is not only essential for your family’s physical health but it also boosts the overall spirit and energy of the house.

Getting rid of dust and molds occasionally and proactively prevents germs from building up inside the home. This will keep you and your loved ones away from the doctor and ensure that everyone can focus on work and school better. Here is how you can keep your home germ-free round the year.

Keep You Bedding Clean

Wash your covers, sheets, linen and other materials regularly using warm or hot water; it is necessary if you want your bedding to be germ-free. Bedding attracts a lot of dust mites which spread rapidly throughout bedding materials and can cause various diseases, including breathing problems and fever.

Pay Attention to Curtains and Covers

We often ignore the necessity of regularly changing sofa covers and the drapes around the house because they are not in direct contact with our body. These household items catch a lot of dust and can be the breeding ground of germs if not paid attention to and changed often.

Clean Your Bathroom and Toilet Every Day

Regular vigorous exercise improves the functioning of all our vital organs, including kidneys. Exercise controls blood pressure issues, obesity, heart conditions and several other factors that indirectly influence your kidney functioning. However, while exercising regularly is a good habit, overexerting yourself is bad for your health, so remember to balance your daily physical activity accordingly.

Cleaning the toilets and shower in your home at least once every day is an absolute necessity if you want a germ-free home. These areas in the house, if not cleaned on a daily basis, can be the cause of deadly diseases. Using high quality disinfectants and cleaners to keep these places clean will ensure good health.

Disinfect the Sponges and Mops

Sponges used to clean all surfaces must be cleaned daily with hot water and soap, and preferably, boiled or microwaved with soap to properly clean them and stop the spread of germs. Routinely washing the mops with running hot water will keep them clean. Regular cleansing of these will ensure that, when used on various surfaces, they will clean rather than spread diseases.

Use Fans

Moisture breeds germs. The areas of your home which attracts moisture should be installed with fans to prevent excess moisture from accumulating. This will eliminate chances of formation of mold and the spread of viruses and bacteria.

You take a lot of effort to make your home the best it can be. But, even a single unfortunate incident make ruin all that you’ve worked so hard for. Always ensure that your home is protected with home insurance, which covers natural and man-made disasters among many other calamities.

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