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Natural Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

April 20 2017
Natural Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Tips to keep your home cool without turning on the air conditioner

Global warming is becoming a reality with the mercury soaring to never-before highs, this summer. People prefer to stay indoors with their air conditioners turned on. While that might be one way to beat the heat, we could explore natural and better ways to keep our homes cool.

Keeping Curtains Drawn and Blinds Closed

Your windows let in a lot of heat during the daytime. Keeping your blinds closed and curtains drawn during the hot afternoon hours will ensure that the heat from outside does not enter your home and the rooms remain cool. Besides, if your house has many glass doors and windows, it will be a great idea to fix insulated film on them, to keep the heat out.

Adding More Greenery

Planting more trees around your home and having a balcony garden can go a long way in bringing down the heat around your home in summer. Indoor plants bring down the ambient temperature inside your house while maintaining humidity at the ideal level. They also purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen. There is no better way to cool your home than to grow indoor plants that would also add to the overall ambience of your home.

Changing Your Bed Linen

Changing your bed sheets periodically helps in keeping your room cool. It would make a lot of sense to switch to cotton bed sheets during summer. Cotton is a fabric that breathes easier and helps you stay cool. You could start using buck wheat pillows that have an air space inside and has a cooling effect on your body.

Turning On the Exhaust in the Kitchen

Cooking in your kitchen during the hot summer months can turn up the heat in your kitchen and in the adjoining rooms. The exhaust in your kitchen sucks out the hot air and makes way to fresher, cooler air. The exhaust will cool your kitchen down after you finish your cooking. Besides, opting for outdoor cooking whenever possible is another great way to keep the heat outside your home.

Switching to CFL & LED Lamps

Incandescent lights emit a lot of heat. Replace your incandescent lights with CFL lamps that emit less heat and will help you conserve electricity as well. Besides, they consume a lot less power than their incandescent counterparts do. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation for you.

Other Simple Tips

Letting the night air in is another great idea. The night air tends to be cooler than the day air. Leave your windows open at night to let in the night air. Opt for loose-fitting cotton clothes that allow your body to breath. Drink a lot of water and fresh juices to keep you hydrated. Cover yourself well when you need to step out doors to the lawn or garden.

While you protect your home from the vagaries of summer, do not forget to protect your home and its contents by buying the appropriate home insurance coverage from your insurer.

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