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Insurance Article

Overseas Student Travel Insurance

October 03 2013

Being uninsured means that medical care costs can be beyond expectations. They can be quite expensive! Without solid financial assistance, the cost of visiting a doctor or an emergency room can break your bank!

Being a college student already keeps you on a tight budget. You struggle to adjust to living in another country. Overseas student travel insurance plan can certainly help with medical costs for your spouse if you are married and any children you might have. If you incur a large amount of medical bills while uninsured, and you have trouble paying them, this could eventually have an effect on your credit.

What's the solution?

Buying overseas student travel insurance plan could reduce the cost of high medical bills. These are available in three categories to choose from:

The Gold Plan

The plan will be a wonderful option for you. It is a comprehensive cover against medical expenses as well as other expenses incurred during your studies in a foreign country. These include repatriation of remains, checked-in baggage loss, personal accident, personal liability, bail bond, study interruption, sponsor protection and more.

Plus Plan

The Plus Plan is a kind of add-on cover that fulfills various criteria of universities in foreign countries. You can top up your existing student medical insurance with this plan to avail coverage which a standard plan might not offer.

Bronze Plan

This is a highly beneficial overseas student travel insurance policy that covers you against various problems encountered by you as a student while studying abroad. It will offer you cover for sponsor protection, study interruption, compassionate visit, personal liability, bail bond, checked-in baggage loss and personal accident.

Medical check-up

No medical check-up is required to avail overseas student travel insurance plan.


Policy can be renewed if there is no claim in the expiring policy.


The premium charged is completely based upon your destination, cover amount, age, and duration of trip.

Exclusions in Overseas Student Travel Insurance Plan

  1. General Physical Checkup

  2. Pre-existing conditions

  3. Eye Test

  4. Eye Glasses

  5. Contact Lens


In order to make a claim, you need to contact the Insurer or Third Party Administrator (TPA) of the Insurance Company, which has tie-ups with network hospitals worldwide. TPA information is provided in the Insurance policy.

Key Benefits of Overseas Student Travel Insurance Plan

It is crucial to stay secure and ensure the best plans especially if you are far from home country. No wonder most of the reputed foreign universities encourages foreign students to avail of overseas student travel insurance plan during their stay in the country. Anything can happen. Unforeseen illnesses and other events such as accidents and other related incidents can be life changing. You don’t want to suffer the impact of these problems while on a trip.

  1. You can buy the policy in Indian rupees. This comes out to be only 1/3 the cost of buying similar insurance overseas

  2. These plans are accepted by most of the foreign universities as a substitute for their compulsory insurance (check with company policy before buying)

  3. The insurance companies are partnered with leading US-based Health Care provider United Health International, to provide better health care benefits and services to be availed when in the US (check with the company before making an investment)

  4. Overseas Student Travel Insurance is now available with a continuous cover for 2 years (auto-renewal). It will cover your entire period of study and keep yourself from policy extension hassles (read the terms and conditions carefully)

  5. Plans are available with second year (auto-renewal) extension option. This means you are covered for the entire period of study

  6. You can easily extend your policy 3 months in advance (check with insurance company)

  7. Medical outpatient expenses covered subject to the policy coverage limits (read terms and conditions carefully)

  8. No pre-medical check-up required for policy issuance

  9. Buy Online

  10. Pay premium in installments

  11. Affordable pricing

  12. You have brilliant accessibility to the database of over 500 universities and issuance of instant digitally signed plan.

  13. International collaborations with United Health International, the global arm of United Health Group, one of the largest and most diverse health care companies in the United States. This ensures you high quality treatment.

  14. You can get non-medical benefits such as cover for study interruption and provision for a 2-way compassionate visit cover for parents.

Many students travelling to foreign country for higher studies often face this problem. They face a lot of hardships trying to pay medical bills especially when they do not have overseas student travel insurance plan in place. In case, you are studying abroad, make sure you invest in an overseas student travel insurance plan.

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