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Run AC without Pinching Your Pocket with these Top Tips

April 30 2018
Efficient Cooling Throughout Summer

Preventing outside moist and warm air from entering air-conditioned rooms rarely results in efficient cooling!

The heat is on and a whiff of cool air is what everybody is craving for. Those who can afford it, promptly buy an air conditioner to get respite from the sweltering heat. ACs are expensive and costly to run, but with these tips you can definitely get more out of your cooling unit. Read on to find out.

Maintain Ideal Thermostat Temperature

If the thermostat is set above 22 degree Celsius the AC consumes 3 to 4% less power. Therefore savings increase with increasing temperature on the thermostat. Maintaining a room temperature of 25 to 26 degree results in optimum power conservation.

Choose Energy Efficient Models

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has introduced energy labeling to compare and rate the efficiency of different air conditioners. ACs in India are awarded a BEE rating based on their efficiency. A 5-star rated model is considered to be comparatively more energy efficient than 4-star or 3-star model.

Buy the Right Tonnage

The best possible means to achieve efficient cooling is to buy right AC for your room. Bigger rooms require higher AC tonnage. A 80 to 120 sq.ft. room requires a 1 ton AC, while a room-sized 120 to 190sq.ft. can be cooled by a 1.5ton AC. And a 190 to 300sq.ft. room can be best served by a 2ton AC. While selecting the right AC size, do consider the number of people in the room, and heat sources like sunlight exposure and active electronic gadgets.

Indulge in Timely Maintenance

An air conditioner has two main units, an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The indoor unit consists of an air filter where all the dust particles are deposited. The outdoor unit mainly comprises of the condenser coils, these coils are exposed to layers of dust and mud. Regular cleaning of both units will aid the unit to cool faster thereby reducing energy consumption.

Replace Faulty and Outdated Systems

Older ACs need major repairs and become less efficient with time. It is advisable to invest in updated energy efficient models to reduce maintenance costs.

Consider Utilizing Cooling Techniques

A prudent way of reducing your room temperature is by adopting certain cooling techniques. Paint the exterior walls and roof of your house with reflective paint to reduce heat absorption. Grow shrubs and trees to naturally reduce sunlight absorption. Operate fans along with air conditioners for efficient circulation of cooled air thus reducing the electrical load on your AC.

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