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Top Five Modern Home Security Systems

November 25 2014

With the advent of modernization and nuclear families, several houses lay vacant, which is often exploited by malicious individuals. The need for home security systems has therefore become paramount.

People generally associate home security systems with an alarm that goes off when there is an intruder. However, the home security systems have evolved with advancement in technology. Modern security systems are designed to safeguard your house, its inhabitants and your valuables, while providing varying levels of convenience through value-added features.

Here are top five modern home security systems with value-added features you might not have known were available:



A burglar alarm is probably the commonest and most well known security system. These alarms have a sensor that trips when there is an intrusion, setting off a loud alarm. In some systems, features are available to send notifications to the security agency or the police. With some alarms, you can also receive SMS alerts when an alarm goes off.

Modern alarms are also designed to detect smoke and gas leaks. These sysystems protect you not only from intrusion, but also in case of an accidental leak.

Medical alarms are an additional feature you can avail if you have ailing relations. These alarms alert the security company in case of medical emergencies.

CCTV & IP Cameras


Used as a surveillance system for home as well as commercial security, you can turn your premises into a Bigg Boss like arena. CCTV cameras help you keep a vigil on any untoward activity in and around your home. Modern cameras range from IP addressed to Infra Red, Weatherproof and many more.

You can also pair it with a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that has the ability to record feed from a host of cameras in real time or time-lapse mode. Modern CCTV cameras offer features such as SMS notifications, remote monitoring, etc., allowing you to ensure a high-level of surveillance.


Video Door


Simple peepholes are things of the past. They can be unreliable and easily tampered with. You can now ensure complete safety of your family members and valuables with a visual authentication of the person ringing the doorbell.

You can also communicate with the person through the attached phone. The video doors also come with night vision to ensure 24 hours safety.


Access Controls

Smart homes are equipped with biometric door locks that function on the pattern of your fingerprints. It is ideal to restrict unauthorized access to your main door, a particular room or a safe. You can also avail a part digital part mechanical lock and configure the settings according to your convenience.


Window Wedge Alarm & Glass Break Sensor

Break-ins through windows are a common occurrence. You can stall the burglars attempt to enter your house through the window by installing a Window Wedge alarm.

To further reinforce the security, you can also opt for a Glass Break Sensor that features a Pattern Recognition Technology. This technology monitors the acoustics around your house, triggering an alarm on the sound of breaking glass.


Home security systems are a comprehensive package that helps you ensure complete safety of your home and those living in it. A home equipped with security systems also warrants for less insurance premium. Lead a peaceful and stress-free life by installing home security systems and safeguarding your loved ones.

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