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Top Tips to Manage Furniture at Home

February 22 2019

Following a few simple tips can help you in proper care and structuring of your furniture at home

The furniture of a house is like the meat and potatoes in a meal. It takes up most of the space in our house, be it the living room, dining room or the bedroom. Apart from storing all our precious possessions, the furniture of our house helps us to make our home feel more comfortable, welcoming and aesthetically pleasing.

In order to ensure our furniture remains in proper shape, its care and management becomes crucial. The structuring and placing of the furniture are also vital for proper utilization of the space in our house and ensure it doesn’t look cramped, poky and overloaded.

So, here are few of the tips that can help you in proper management and structuring of your house furniture, so as to make your house feel gratifying and spacious:

Consider the size of your house

Both small and big houses can face the problem of mismatched arrangement of furniture which can cause space-crunch and restricted movement in small houses and underutilized spaces in large houses.

It is very crucial for a small house to segregate spaces for specific functionality. For instance, put your shoe rack right beside the door and use it as drawer storage or a small bench. Buy furniture that can serve dual purposes like a sofa-cum-bed or an Ottoman cum storage.

For a large house use a day bed to separate areas so that idle spaces can be used to create functionality areas. Instead of spreading your seating area throughout the large living room, create a compact area for sitting and use the remaining space to keep other utilities that will also impart an aesthetic value to your living room.

Think of the underutilized spaces

Every house has a storage area which is usually cluttered and disorganized. Get rid of all the unwanted materials and compartmentalize the area. You can use the space as per your needs. Cookware or winter wears that are not used regularly can be kept in this area instead of piling them up in the kitchen or the closet. Areas below the stairs can also be converted into storage or a reading nook.

Create an organized system

Imagine having your guests at the dinner table, only to realize that you haven’t taken out the cutlery and watch you searching for it everywhere in the house. Instead, keep the basics of specific functionality at a designated space in your house. For example, keep your cutlery and dinner sets in kitchen cabinets so that they are easily accessible whenever required.

Cooking & Dining Area

It’s prudent to utilize the walls of the kitchen to keep all the daily needs and other essential cooking items. Go for vertical storage racks at different heights. Depending on the available area, dining table could be set inside the kitchen or at an area near to the kitchen.

In case of severe space crunch, a folding table fitted in the wall can be a better idea. Keep kitchen microwave near the serving or the dining area whereas mixer-grinder and blenders should be kept near the preparation area.

Bathing Area

A storage unit with several compartments is best suited for bathrooms to keep them clean and organized. Add a drawer to the storage for bath linens. For miniature sized washroom with little space, mirror cum storage unit can be the best option. Instead of keeping your washing machine in the bath area, keep them near the clothes drying area.

Sleeping Area

Arrange your beds in such a manner that it is convenient for you to reach out for light and fan switches. Also, put a small storage nearby. If your bedroom space is compact, then a bed with drawers or boxes can be used for storage as a substitute to cupboards and shelves. Attach wheels under these beds for easier movement and cleaning.

To make the best use of your home, discard some of the old-styled irrelevant pieces of furniture and buy some modern high functionality ones. Though expensive, they are worth the purchase owing to its multipurpose functionality.

In case you find yourself short of finances, you can either avail a personal loan or take an EMI route to purchase this furniture in an affordable fashion. Additionally, do buy a home insurance policy to keep your house’s furniture and other precious belongings safe and protected from any untoward damage.

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