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Why You Must Get to Know Your Neighbours?

December 28 2016
Must Get to Know your Neighbours

Reasons you must befriend your neighbours

For most of us staying in a little bubble of our own without interacting with others is the easiest thing to do. But the people you are ignoring may be fun talking to and may also prove to be a helping hand in times of need.

All it takes is a simple hello to foster a connection which can convert into a bigger friendship later. If you still don't know who your neighbours are or you interact with them less frequently, here are a few interesting benefits of befriending them:

A Safer Neighbourhood

You don't need to be a tech savvy to look after your home in your absence. All you need is a good relation with your neighbour who can keep an eye out when you are out for work. In the case of an emergency, relying on your neighbour is far better than a complete stranger.

Access to Resources

Imagine you are making dinner for a guest and you run out of rice or flour. Only a neighbour can rescue you from it at an odd hour. If you know your neighbour, they will be happy to let you borrow an ingredient or two as long as you show the courtesy to return the favour.

Invitation to Parties

Involving your neighbours in your parties, barbeques or fireworks is only a polite way to warn them of the noise and smoke arising from the fireworks or loud music. If your neighbours are part of your parties they will feel less offended even if your guests get a little loud.

Feel Good Factor

Doesn't it feel good to know the person who lives next door? It obviously does. Know your neighbours, wave when you drive past their house, smile while in an elevator and greet them by their name. Not only it will make them feel good but also you will feel the same when they greet you.

Family Needs

Neighbours are extremely supportive of family needs, particularly when it comes to children needs. Good neighbours can be extremely helpful for emergency childcare, especially if you have someone elderly in the neighbourhood who could play the role of grandma or grandpa.

Sharing of Skills

It's likely that most of your neighbours would be from different walks of life with different skill sets. While you may be an engineer, your neighbour may be a doctor, plumber, electrician or a teacher. Depending on your skillset you can help them and ask for a favour in return.

Expansion of Social Network

Interacting with people from different walks of life will result in beautiful friendships which may go on strongly for years. It's always fun to catch up with other people and listen to their stories over a cup of coffee. Soon you will develop a social circle with far reaching ties.

So what are you waiting for! Step out of your little bubble and knock your neighbour's door. Strike a conversation and invite them for a cup of coffee. You never know where your next “hello” might take you.

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