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Below are the blogs related to bike insurance.

Tax Liability: Know Bills and Receipts that Reduce 2023

December 10 2015

Reduce your tax burden through these valuable deductions that can be claimed by submitting common bills and receipts as proof

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Instantly Register Your Car Insurance Claim with ICICI Lombard's Voice Bot Service

April 06 2021

ICICI Lombard has launched a unique Voice Bot service through which you can instantly register motor insurance claims over a voice call.

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Digital Transformation Challenges That Indian Insurers Must Overcome

May 22 2020

Insurance companies in India are dealing with multiple challenges on the tech front ranging from cyber-attacks to rise of new-age insurers

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Insurance Frauds: How Data Analytics and Rigorous Checks Are Trying To Eliminate Bogus Claims

April 20 2020

Insurance companies have been grappling with frauds that are predominantly data driven. Data analytics will help to effectively curb these.

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Stop Losing Customers: Listen To Them With Speech Analytics

March 27 2020

Listening, understanding and offering innovative but cost-effective solutions is directly related to providing a more rewarding customer experience

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The Growing Usage of AI in the Insurance Value Chain

December 16 2019

Existing AI applications enhance the insurance value chain by increasing its efficacy in targeting customer needs more precisely and delivering better value on time

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Will Flexible Insurance Products Be the Panacea the Indian Insurance Sector Had Been Looking For?

December 10 2019

Flexible insurance products will help insurers cater to the need of the millennial workforce who believe in instant gratification and likes to do things on the go.

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Things You Should Be Knowing About Online Pharmacies

September 26 2019

Legally registered online pharmacies sell prescription drugs only, offer attractive discounts on medicines and deliver them at your doorstep.

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Regulatory Sandbox: A Tool for Market Innovation

September 11 2019

Regulatory sandbox will provide a secure testing environment for insurers to work alongside fintech companies to come out with innovative offerings.

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Is Digital Disruption Powerful Enough to Reshape the Indian Insurance Sector?

September 17 2019

New-age digital technologies such as Big Data, AI, machine learning and telematics are helping insurers offer value-added services to customers.

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