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Accidents Increasing in Monsoon. Here's an App for Emergency Medical Care

April 11 2016
Stay Protected In Monsoon

Stay protected in Monsoons with the help of Apps

Monsoon, the most awaited season in India, lasts from June to September and provides relief from the harsh heat of summer. However, this period also witnesses a sharp increase in the number of accidents and related injuries.

According to the WHO report, 2015, India ranks 90th in road quality and safety. Substantiating the same are the shocking numbers:

  • The number of road accidents has been climbing steadily at the rate of 10-15% during the past decade.
  • It is speculated that approximately 1.5% accidents are caused due to bad roads.
  • Every minute there is a traffic-related fatality in India.
  • Approximately 377 people die every day, which also costs the country a GDP loss of 3% each year.
  • If appropriate actions are not taken, annual road traffic deaths are predicted to reach around 1.9 million by the year 2020.
  • If unregistered accident cases are taken into consideration, the number of casualties could go up to 10,000 per year.
  • The statistics on natural disasters such as floods are no different. Lightning killed more Indians than other natural disasters in 2014. More than 2500 people were killed in 2014 alone, most of them being farmers working in the fields.

The advances in technology has blessed us with smartphones, which give us numerous functions, just a click away. We now have access to apps which cater to every unique need, especially in the healthcare and emergency care to help users in times of peril. You can track the status of your medical history, health check-ups, vital information such as blood group, insulin levels and even real-time heart rate monitoring. They also feature reminders and allow you to order medicines within the app.

Zicom, a leading provider of security and surveillance products launched the Ziman app to provide 24x7 response services to the victim and their family members. A dedicated solution for crime-prevention, it goes a long way in providing valuable evidence to identify and penalise the criminals. The app also provides a map of emergency services located around you for immediate assistance.

Lifehover app aims to provide assistance and one-touch access to emergency medical services. The app detects the user's location and sends the nearest available ambulance within 10-15 minutes. The app also keeps a track record of the user's medical history as well as emergency contact details. Availing emergency services is now as easy as booking a cab from your phone.

There are plenty of apps available for user security and safety. It is a matter of personal preference which one works best for an individual.

While apps may provide you lightning fast emergency services at click of a finger, ICICI Lombard's Personal Protect Insurance takes the protection a step further and covers you against natural calamities and damage caused due to man-made disasters.

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