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How To Create A Fire Safety Escape Plan

February 05 2018
fire safety escape plan

A fire escape plan will help save lives

A fire hazard can happen any time in your home or office. In order to protect yourself and your loved ones, having a fire safety escape plan ready is a prudent decision. It might one day help save lives and avert terrible disasters that would otherwise have occurred, had you not been ready.

A fire safety plan should be simple and easy to follow by everyone, no matter the age. Children and senior people in particular, must be able to understand how to use the plan to put themselves away from harm’s way. Here is a simple yet useful fire escape plan that might help you formulate your own.

Remove Obstacles

Remove everything that blocks windows and doors of your home or office. Furniture or other things blocking the way could prevent you from escaping quickly. When it is a matter of life or death, every moment is precious. A safe escape could be a matter of few extra minutes. So keep the ways leading outside clear as a matter of practice.

Memorize Escape Routes

Have a good understanding of all the escape routes in your home or office. Make sure every member in the property, your children, spouse, family or colleagues also know about each and every escape route there is.

Keep Plan Within Easy Reach

There are several escape plans available online that you can download. You can use one of these to draw your own plan and put it up in a visible wall of your home. This is especially useful if you are dealing with children.

Install Fire Detection & Fighting Systems

Install smoke detectors and fire alarms in your property. Sprinklers and fire safety equipment will slow down the spread of fire considerably, giving you enough time to leave the premises safely.

Pick A Safe Meeting Spot

Choose a place at a distance away from the property, as the place to meet after an escape. This will ensure that no matter which route each member takes, in the end everyone finds each other. This will eliminate confusion and help take stock of everyone’s safety.

Specify Emergency Contact Number

Have each member memorize one phone number for emergency contact in case of a fire emergency. Contacting help will speed up the process of extraction, and in case of a severe fire, help members escape through the routes decided.

Craft your own fire escape plan based on the few steps above. Practice your plan on a regular basis. Practicing would help everyone gain speed to escape in case of a real fire. In such situations, an accident is a high probability.

Accident insurance plans are designed to protect the insured from expenses arising out of such unforeseen circumstances. So that they are secured no matter the situation that life throws at them.

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