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How To Prevent Yourself From Electrical Shocks

February 27 2018
Prevent Yourself From Electrical Shocks

Electricity is a blessing to mankind, but it can be dangerous if not handled properly

Electricity is an extremely useful power in the hands of humankind, but being ever so slightly careless with it can get you into trouble. Normally, electricity cannot be seen, and luckily neither can it’s presence be felt except for positive reasons in our lives like starting our car or working on our computer.

It is an imperative for us to be cautious while handling electricity in different situations, lest we suffer a shock, which, in extreme cases may lead to severe injury or worse. Here are a few ways you can prevent yourself and your loved ones from being harmed by electricity.

Do Not Touch Electrical Equipment With Bare Hands

If you are not a professional electrician, do not touch live wires, power points, exposed circuits or the like.

Use Earthing In Your Home And Office

Earthing can prevent your whole house from a short circuit. If there is some issue in the electrical system of your property, earthing can prove to be a blessing and save you and your home without you even realizing it. From draining residual current to handling a lightning bolt, earthing is an important feature you would want to install in your property.

Check Your Wiring And Electrical Equipment Regularly

Check the wiring in your household on a regular basis for damage and cracks and replace whatever is necessary without delay. Replace equipment with any issue or keep them out of reach until it is repaired by a professional electrician.

Avoid Contact With Water

Do not handle electrical devices and switches with wet hands. Keep electrical devices away from water. Handling electrical gadgets with wet hands can lead you to suffer shocks.

Avoid Overloading Power Outlets

Plugging in more appliances than a power outlet is designed to handle is dangerous. Keep the number of appliances restricted to as few as the outlet can safely provide power to, lest there is an accident due to overloading.

Avoid Overhead And Underground Electrical Cables

Electrical supply cables are powerhouses of electricity. Coming in contact with them may prove to be fatal. It is wise to avoid them completely.

Switch Off Power Sources Before Handling Gadgets

When a gadget or a device is in need of repair, disconnect it from the source of power before touching or handling it.

Electricity is a useful resource without which we cannot imagine life today. Following these simple steps will help you use it safely. Even with most of the precautions taken, an electrical short circuit can happen, leading to an accident. It is always better to insure oneself with accident insurance to remain secured at all times.

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