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Insurance Article

How To Safely Negotiate Railway Crossings

March 14 2018
Level Crossings Accident Insurance

Follow safety warnings and traffic signs to safely reach the other side

Level crossings where railway lines intersect with the road, pose a particularly dangerous risk as trains may pass at high speeds through them. There are a total of 28,607 level crossings across the country, out of which 9,340 are unmanned. Many drivers pay little or no attention to these level crossings, leading to fatal accidents.

Here are some tips on how you can safely negotiate such railways crossings.

Never Ignore Safety Warnings And Traffic Signs

Level crossings are designed to give plenty of warnings to prevent any accidents. The flashing warning signs on the left side of the road indicate the presence of a level crossing ahead. Slow down while approaching it and look for the signal that indicates whether the train is coming and it is unsafe to cross. Wait till it turns green and do not rush.

Do Not Try To Pass the Barrier When It Is Down

Never try to drive around the gates or barriers when they are coming down. Never think of beating the train. Wait till the gates open again or the barrier rises after the train is gone. Sometimes, another train might be coming after one train has gone past the crossing. Never approach the crossing until the gates are opened even if a train has passed.

Approach The Crossing At Slow Speed

One out of four accidents at level crossings occur because the vehicle was too fast and it rams into the side of the train. Your visibility might be affected by low-light conditions, rainy weather or fog. Hence, always approach the level crossing at slow speed to ensure you can stop in time when you see a train or a barrier.

Don’t Try To Overtake Other Vehicles

Overtaking other vehicles while approaching a level crossing is dangerous since it obstructs a clear view of the tracks and signals. A driver cannot see a red signal or an approaching train while trying to overtake another vehicle, invariably leading to disaster.

Do Not Panic If You Get Stuck

If your car breaks down or gets stuck on the tracks, do not panic. Get everyone out of the car and move away from the crossing. Try to push the vehicle out of the tracks if the signals says that no train is approaching. However, move away if the signal flashes red and alarm sounds. Contact the emergency telephone number displayed at the crossing.

Accidents can happen at any time. Therefore, protecting yourself and your loved ones against its negative impact is crucial. Coverage provided by accident insurance can prove to be invaluable at a time when the person needs it most.

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