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Tips for Safer Daily Commute during Monsoon

June 20 2017
Automobile during Monsoon

A few things you need to know for safer daily commuting in an automobile during monsoon

We spend multiple hours a day, inside a car or on a motorcycle, travelling from one place to another. Heavy traffic and accidents are frequent occurrences. Monsoon worsens conditions by adding to the traffic and the rate of accidents. Here are a few tips that you can follow, to keep your vehicle safe and have a safer commute, during monsoon.

The Route

If you travel to work on a regular basis, you have surely found multiple routes to reach your destination. To have a safer drive to and from work, it is best to avoid rush hour traffic as much as possible. The monsoons make traffic worse, so use smartphone applications like Waze, to get a live feed of traffic conditions, and find an alternate route to your destination. It is the best way to outsmart traffic, and save yourself from cashing in your car insurance policy, in the event of an accident.

Seat Belt and Helmet

Always ensure that you have fastened your seat belt, or that you have put on your helmet, while driving a car or riding a motorbike respectively. It is your duty towards yourself. One must always hope for the best and prepare for the worst, because the car will reap the benefits of car insurance and not the people inside; if there is just third party motor insurance. Monsoon increases the rate of accidents, and you can protect yourself better with this simple step.

General Maintenance of the Car

Safety becomes a secondary issue, if the car or bike is not in tip-top condition. The chances of an accident, or a breakdown or tyre puncture, all increase, if the vehicle is not maintained properly. The oil has to be changed, the engine needs coolant, and the tyre pressure has to be checked on a regular basis, among other factors. Get your brake pads, wipers, and lights checked out, because they are essential for safe driving during monsoons.

Technological Support

Technological advancement allows us to prepare ahead of time, and avoid mishaps as much as possible. Smartphone applications can help you to avoid packed roads and choose alternate routes, so that you can minimise the risk of accidents. Technological advancement in cars can even help you to check tyre pressure and get reports on the functionality of other parts. Rains hinder the rear view, but cameras fitted into the car aid you in reversing or parking the car, even when the view is obstructed.

Next time you take your vehicle out; make sure you have an updated car insurance policy and follow these tips, for safer commuting during this monsoon. Also, as accidents normally increase during monsoon, it is wise to consider purchasing personal accident insurance policy. It not only offers protection against accidental death or permanent total disablement but also gives worldwide coverage, so you’re insured no matter where you travel.

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