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Tips to Reduce Motion Sickness While Driving

March 20 2019

You can easily alleviate the effects of motion sickness through some simple methods

A sensation of wooziness, motion sickness is a common phenomenon experienced by many while driving. It can start suddenly, leading to dizziness, nausea and vomiting and can quickly turn your trip into a nightmare. In this article, we will share a few tips that will help you to reduce the effects of motion sickness while you’re behind the wheels.

Monitor What You Eat

It’s important to watch the type of food you consume before setting out for a drive as it can make a significant difference to the onset of motion sickness. It is best to avoid food that makes you unusually full. At the same time, you should avoid consuming spicy foods with strong odour as it may worsen the condition.

Hence, make sure that you take light meals and if you find certain foods not agreeing with your taste, it’s advisable to avoid them completely. A strict control over your diet goes a long way in relieving the symptoms of motion sickness.

Watch Out Your Position

When you are driving, make sure to sit in a comfortable position and look at the horizon. When you do so, you keep your focus away from the moving objects. Though you need to be mindful of your surroundings, avoid looking sideways through the windows as much as possible.

This is because looking sideways can sometimes lead to a sudden and severe nausea. If you are driving a four-wheeler and can keep its windows open, do so as a constant gush of fresh air can reduce the effects of motion sickness.

Keep the Interiors of Your Vehicle Cool

If you’re driving a vehicle that’s warm from inside, it can escalate the condition of motion sickness. Hence, try to keep the interiors of your vehicle cool to keep the symptoms in check. You can switch on the air-conditioner of your car and try to recirculate the air so that you aren’t subjected to exterior odours.

Keep Your Vehicle Well-ventilated

Another common reason for experiencing motion sickness while driving is poor ventilation inside the car. This can lead to certain odours being trapped, which can cause dizziness and nausea. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep your vehicle well-ventilated by lowering down the window panes a little bit.

At the same time, it is a good idea to have some soothing odour in your vehicle such as mint or lavender as it can prevent the triggers of motion sickness.

Take Breaks

Motion sickness can also happen due to continuous driving for prolonged hours. So, it’s a good idea to take frequent breaks if you are on a long trip. Stop your vehicle for few minutes at food outlets and rest areas, get out and stretch your legs.

Taking frequent breaks go a long way in alleviating symptoms of motion sickness. Also, while driving, if you feel dizziness or nausea, make sure you halt immediately and resume driving only when the feeling goes away.

Drink Water or Carbonated Beverage

Intake of water or sips of carbonated beverage can help you in reducing the symptoms of motion sickness. However, it’s essential to avoid caffeinated beverages such as coffee as it can lead to dehydration that can worsen the situation.

You can also eat some light snacks such as saltine crackers as it may ease nausea and provide relief from motion sickness.

Have Chamomile Tea

Intake of Chamomile tea can soothe you and relax your stomach muscles by bringing down the acid levels within the stomach, thus giving relief from motion sickness. You can buy this tea either from retail stores or online from e-commerce sites. It’s best to store this tea in a travel mug and take regular sips during the trip.

Take Medicines

There are several medicines available over the counter that can provide you an instant relief from motion sickness. However, before taking any such medicines, do consult with your doctor. Only if your doctor advises, you should go ahead and take these medications. While taking advise from your doctor, tell him/her about the medicines you are taking currently.

You must not allow motion sickness to take the fun out of your journey. With the above tips, you can deal with the condition effectively and reduce its effects to make the most out of your ride. Additionally, you can avail a personal accident insurance policy for a financial backing in case of a mishap while driving due to motion sickness.

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