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Use These Steps to Stay Safe While on A Fishing Trip

March 02 2019

It’s imperative to be diligent and aware of the threats to stay safe during the fishing trip

A fishing trip is full of fun, adventure and enjoyment. It provides you an ideal time with your friends and family, away from the stress of your hectic work-life. You can experience the natural habitat and fresh air amidst the pleasing surroundings of rivers and seas.

However, fishing being an outdoor activity, it’s necessary to be aware of the threats and dangers associated with it and take adequate safety measures in order to stay protected. During a fishing trip, there can be some instances of errors and accidents, which can be quite dreadful. So, here are a few fishing safety tips you should follow to ensure that your trip is pleasant and worry-free:

Choose a familiar location

It’s preferable to choose a location you are familiar with or have proper knowledge about. Research about the location well in advance to obtain detailed information about the place. Also, keep a topographic map of the region ready with you. Don’t forget to check the weather forecasts and climatic conditions of the region before heading out towards it. Especially, for coastal locations, prepare a note about timings of tide and swell in the area.

Carry safety equipment and life jackets

An outdoor water activity like fishing can be little dangerous at times. It’s important to be well-equipped with all safety equipment to tackle an unforeseen situation. If you’re fishing on a ground spot, look out for huge and non-slippery rocks. If you are accompanied by children on the trip, discuss the safety rules and regulations with them. Never go alone for a fishing trip and try to be in a group so that you can help each-other when required.

If you need to travel through the water bodies, carry personal flotation supplies like a life jacket and other safety equipment. Always wear a life jacket when fishing off the rocks or even on a boat. Also, make sure that every member on the trip wears a life jacket, prior to the departure.

Keep a ‘First Aid Kit’ ready

A first aid kit should be the first thing to pack before going out on an outdoor trip. Make a checklist of supplies which you will need during the trip. Pick up items like a mosquito repellent cream, sunscreen, antiseptic cream, cotton balls, bandages, saline solutions and scissors. You can also shop for a specific fishing first aid kit from a retail store near you. Don’t forget to cover your head by wearing a hat and wear a closed pair of shoes to avoid any kind of infections and stray hooks.

Handle Fishing supplies properly

Fishing supplies should be handled appropriately. A fishing tackle or rod should be used and stored properly to avoid any risk of injury. Fishing hooks can be dangerous and hence preventive care should be taken while using them. When the tackle or rod is not in use, store it properly so that nobody gets hurt.

If there are beginners along with you, instruct and guide them about the fishing supplies and how to use them properly. Also, teach them about the basic fishing tips such as staying at least 10 meters away from another person fishing by your side and looking behind before making a cast etc.

Boat Fishing Safety

Boat fishing is a fun alternative to traditional style of fishing. While it’s exciting, it also has an additional element of risk. So here are a few boat safety tips to keep in mind in case you decide to go for boat fishing:

  • Know the weather conditions and forecasts before you embark on the boat fishing adventure.
  • Have a float plan that includes where and when you will be fishing and share it with someone responsible.
  • Know your limits as boat fishing can be a physically exerting activity.
  • Have the required safety gears like life jackets, a cushion float and signaling devices like a laser torch or whistle handy on the boat
  • Avoid going for boat fishing if you don’t know how to swim. Even if you want to, make sure you’re accompanied by an experienced swimmer.

While you can minimize the chances of any untoward incident by following the above listed fishing safety tips, you can never rule out the unpredictability of life. To ensure complete safety of you and your loved ones, buying an accident insurance policy is prudent. It will act as a financial security net against any unforeseen situations and will ensure that you get the best possible assistance during such times.

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