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Insurance Article

Ways to Make Your Home Senior Friendly

November 20 2017
Senior Friendly Home

Senior citizens need more help in doing normal, everyday tasks. Here’s how you can help the ones in your home by making these alterations

The elderly population in India is growing at a fast rate. According to a report from the Ministry of Statistics, the number of citizens over the age of 60 has jumped 35.5% in the period spanning from 2001-2011. During this period, the elderly population (citizens above 60) has increased from 7.6 crore to 10.3 crore.

This is a staggering rate of growth and is twice the rate at which the overall population grew; it is also a record high since 1950. We all have senior people in our families and are familiar with the daily ordeals they have to go through. To make sure their golden years are lived without any inconvenience there are some basic changes we can bring in to our homes.


Walking is a chore for old people, and it becomes even more difficult if the surface they are walking on doesn’t have good grip. This is where chipped or wooden tiles can come to the rescue, as they have anti-skid properties and provide a firm, assured footing. Addition of anti-slip mats in areas prone to wetness can also be a big help.


Vision is hampered as a person grow older. The lighting available as standard is sometimes not enough for them to see properly. Aged people require two to three times more lighting than an average person. Therefore, it is advisable to install additional lights around the house just so the senior person in the family can manoeuvre safely, without any mishap.


Among the most dangerous areas of the home for the elderly. Always wet and always slippery, bathrooms are a hazard for seniors without special modifications. The aforementioned anti-skid tiles are a must here, along with taps that are easily operable. Unnecessary steps should also be swapped with a level floor for better comfort and stability.


Cases of accidental fires arising from negligence in the kitchen is common even among young people. So, one should be extra careful when it comes to the matter of elders in the kitchen. Dementia is a common concern among people of old age, and a burner left on can spell disaster. Temperature controlled cooking systems are things that can prove beneficial, as they are designed to keep temperatures below the ignition point of cooking oil.


A person gets feebler with old age and a minor fall is enough to break bones, causing extreme agony. A house with stairs is a potential hazard for the elderly and adequate measures must be taken to address the issue. Safety railings must be installed as a means of support, and the step height can also be modified to be more comfortable for older people.

Even with all the precautions, there are things that can go wrong leading to an unfortunate incident. Keep your loved ones covered with accident insurance, as it provides coverage for a variety of situations and gives you peace of mind during difficult times.

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