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10 Best things to do in Mauritius

January 09 2015
This beautiful tropical island located around 800 km from the coast of Madagascar comes alive with white sandy beaches, tropical palm trees and lush green mountains. A perfect holiday destination packed with jungle adventures, water sports and sea food delights, Mauritius definitely makes one marvel at nature's opulence. Find below the ten best things to do in this spellbinding country:

1. Linger amongst giant water lillies

Giant Water Lillies

Where: Mauritius Botanical Garden

Built By: Pierre Poivre in 1767

Famous For:

a. Being the oldest botanical garden in the Southern Hemisphere
b. Spice gardens, sugarcane fields and remarkable collection of 85 varieties of palms from Asia, Africa, islands of Indian Ocean, etc.

Trek through a rainforest

2. Trek through a rainforest

Where: Black River Gorges National Park

Built By: Protect the island's rainforests

Spread over: 6574 hectares (including 60 km of trails and picnic areas)

What to expect: Exotic species of animals and birds like the Mauritian flying fox, Mauritius parakeet and pink pigeon

3. Watch horizons converge

Watch Horizons Converge

Where:: IIe aux Cerfs Island (also known as Deer Island, located near the east coast of Mauritius)

Built By:100 hectares

Famous For: Pristine beaches, enchanting lagoons and a variety of fun sports for pleasure Don't miss: Snorkeling in the lagoon

Great bazaar bargain

4. Get a great bazaar bargain

Where: Port Louis

Constructed in: 1735 by French governor, Mahe de Labourdonnais

What to expect: A bustling city by the day, being Mauritius's central port and the administrative capital

Other attractions of Port Louis: The Caudan Waterfront, Police Barracks, Mauritian Chinatown and old Port Louis theatre

5. Walk bare feet in sparkling emerald waters

Walk bare feet

Where: The Grand-Baie (located near the northwest coast of Mauritius)

What to expect: Inviting beach with sail boats and wind surfing sports, an amazing nightlife and 2-seater submarines to view tropical fish in their natural habitat

Famous For: Fashion shopping (with crafts boutiques that offer jewelry, textiles and souvenirs)

Don't miss: Rides in boats with a see-through base

6. Visit Lord Shiva's abode

Visit Lord Shiva

Where: Grand Bassin (also known as Ganga Talao, built at 1800 feet above sea level)

What to expect:A place of pilgrimage for worshippers of Lord Shiva and other Hindu deities

Famous For: Mangal Mahadev - a 108 feet statue of Lord Shiva

Don't miss: A view of the sacred lake believed to be related to the River Ganges

7. Feel the air vibrate as water cascades down 100 meters

air vibrate as water cascades

Where: Chamarel Falls

What to expect: A breathtaking waterfall and of course lots of misty air

Famous For: Seven Colored Earth - a unique land mass of red, brown and purple colored sand dunes

Don't miss: The picture perfect selfie with the backdrop of Chamarel Falls

8. Get acquainted with the sugary history of Mauritius

The Sugar Museum

Where: The Sugar Museum

What to expect: A tour through the factory, snippets from Mauritius's history, display of old unused machines, revelation of facts about the sugar industry's contribution to the country's economy

Don't miss: Other places of historical import like The National History Museum (with ancient artifacts, fossils and paintings of the extinct bird dodo and some giant tortoises)

9. Shop like there's no tomorrow!

Shop like there's no tomorrow

Where: Foire de Mahebourg (located near the waterfront)

What to expect: A great range of textile collection, delicious food stalls with mouth-watering snacks like samosa, gateaux piments, chilli bites and dhal puris

Buying Tips: Though open on all days, the market explodes in size and activity on Mondays (hence also referred to as 'Monday Market')

9. 10. Step into a world of adventure

World of Adventure

Where: Casela Nature Park

What to expect: 14 hectares of nature and adventure parkland with more than 1500 birds, big cats and a variety of other animal species

Famous for: Bird sanctuary, canyon swing rides, segway rides and the big cat safari (where you can walk with the lions, under professional guidance, of course)

Don't miss: A chance to see wild animals up close at the 'petting farm'

While multiethnic culture, mesmerizing charm or fascinating history can capture the spirit of this tropical island, no amount of narratives could stand a chance to the real experience of being there and doing that. Need we say any more?

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