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4 Superb Budget Destinations in Asia

August 01 2014

one and all. This vast continent offers diverse experiences including expansive deserts, enchanting hills, tranquil tropical islands and glimmering cities.

In case you are planning to explore Asia with a limited budget at your disposal, why not club a few places together to enjoy more with less? Here are four great destinations to choose from:

Sri Lanka and Maldives: Flight to Paradise

Sri Lanka and Maldives

If you love to bask in tropical sunlight, and love serenity and wilderness of nature, Sri Lanka and Maldives are ideal places for you.

A Plan for 7 days / 6 nights (Ex-Mumbai)

Approximate budget of Rs. 98,445 per adult (includes airfare, stay, food and inter/intra city transfers) as per a popular travel site.

Things to Do

- Relax in the pristine beaches of Sri Lanka and then move to the scenic countryside with lush tea gardens and gushing waterfalls.

- Discover your spiritual side. Explore a few temples and get amazed at the giant statues of Lord Buddha.

- The soltitude and traquility of the beaches in Maldives is a perfect setting for honeymooners.

Thailand and Singapore: Something for Everyone

Thailand and Singapore

Singapore and Thailand have it all - serene bird parks and zoos, dazzling shows, adrenaline pumping adventure sports and vibrant nightlife.

A Plan for 10 days / 9 nights (Ex-Mumbai)

Approximate budget of Rs. 1, 01,366 per adult (includes airfare, stay, food and guided city tour) as per a popular travel site.

Things to Do

- Enjoy the electrifying nightlife and high street shopping of Singapore.

- Street shopping of Bangkok is an ideal way to get some bargains on clothes, accessories and handicrafts.

- Move to the idyllic beaches of Phuket and sail your way in a speedboat to explore its natural beauty.

Dubai and Oman: Bask in the Desert Sand

Dubai and Oman

Dubai, like South East Asia s a perennial favorite for Indian travelers. This popular desert kingdom, which is a shopper's paradise, can be combined with the unexplored country of Oman.

Things to Do

A Plan for 6 days / 5 nights (Ex-Mumbai)

Approximate budget of Rs. 82,172 per adult (includes airfare, stay, food and airport transfer) as per a popular travel site.

- Oman offers a rare combination of beaches and deserts in the same country!

- Dubai is the ultimate man-made utopia a bustling city replete with all modern amenities in the middle of a desert, consisting of parks, museums, artificial islands and towering skyscrapers.

- Enjoy all the luxuries of good modern life with Dubai's gigantic malls and its wide range of entertainment options.

Indonesia and Malaysia: Charisma of the Unexplored

Indonesia and Malaysia

Sometimes, it is exciting to combine contrasting destinations. What better way than to explore the scenic island of Bali with the fascinating city of Kuala Lumpur.

Things to Do

A Plan for 7 days / 6 nights (Ex-Mumbai)

Approximate budget of Rs. 69,066 per adult (includes airfare, stay, food and inter/intra city transfer) as per a popular travel site.

- Explore the tropical paradise of Bali with its recreational facilities including nature walks, surfing, horseback riding and many more!

- Refresh your mind looking at its beautiful scenery or navigate your way through its beautiful water bodies through rafting.

- Enjoy the colorful theme park of i-City in Kuala Lumpur replete with dazzling lights, exciting rides and unbelievablemuseums.

Travelling opens up your mind, brings up creative ideas and gives you a much needed break from the monotony of life. Pack your bags to visit these fantastic places without burning a hole in your pocket! Bon voyage!

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