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5 Things you must know about Immigration Formalities

April 15 2015


Immigration helps countries screen individuals

Immigration helps countries screen individuals

Travelling abroad is an exciting experience. If you are a first timer, you might find airports to have a formal environment. The vast open spaces, multiple signboards and a string of formalities can be a bit overwhelming. However, you will find that these procedures are simple, and there is ample help and guidance available at each step.

Whether you are one among those frequent bag-packing ones or the occasional visitor, you know must know the drill and equip yourself for the same. The procedures become less daunting once you know the essentials and have your documents in place.

Immigration Process

Fulfilling immigration formalities is mandatory for every traveller boarding international flights. Although different countries follow different methods and systems, the general requirements are the same.

In case you are travelling for the first time, you will need to produce a copy of your Visa. The immigration officer will then ask you a few basic questions regarding the purpose of your travel and stamp your passport with an Immigration Approved seal. Only on completion of these formalities, you can move towards the boarding area.

This is the general procedure in most countries. However, some countries like the U.S. engage you for a longer interview to establish the reasons for your visit.

Document Checklist for Immigration

  • Passport
  • Visa stamp/ Copy of Visa documents
  • Valid permits for work, residence, visit
  • Letter/ document supporting reason of visit
  • Proof of good health (clearance against any contagious disease/ symptoms)

Immigration Formalities

Immigration officials act on behalf of the Government and facilitate the ease and enhance security. They have the authority to deny a visitor the right to enter a country. They do this if they are not convinced about the purpose and duration of your visit or the authenticity of your documents.

Here is a list of things you must know about immigration formalities:

  1. Immigration clearance seal on the passport is necessary for every visitor arriving in a country.
  2. Immigration formalities in many countries involve computerized processes like retina and fingerprint scanning.
  3. Based on the interview an immigration officer approves or rejects your stay/ visit permit.
  4. Certain countries, particularly those that have a large influx of immigrant workers, tend to be strict about their immigration policies. They often require supporting document to substantiate your claim. For example, an appointment letter in case of a job, a medical certificate if visiting for treatment, etc.
  5. When travelling from regions prone to any sort of epidemic outbreak, you have to be particularly careful. Immigration officials require a medical clearance certificate to allow you to enter their country.

Having completed your formalities and security checks you can carry on with your trip without much hassle.

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