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5 Visa On Arrival Countries For Indians in Southeast Asia

October 15 2015

Getting your Visa formalities done can be such a dampener on all the excitement that surrounds an overseas vacation. But things are getting better with an increasing number of countries offering visa on arrival (or free visa) for Indian travellers. Most of these countries that offer visa on arrival for Indians are in Southeast Asia. So all those dreamy tropical beach vacations you've been planning, are just a plane ride away. Here is a list of the top countries offering visa on arrival for Indians.



Indonesia, where the dreamy land of Bali exists, gives Indian passport-holders visa on arrival. There are four types of visas available for Indians travelling to Indonesia:

  • Short stay visa: This is especially for people travelling for conferences, small visits until you engage in any form of paid activities like business or work.
  • Visa on arrival: This visas are available on arrival and is valid for 60 days.
  • Social & cultural visa B-211: This visa is applicable if one visits for social and cultural purposes.
  • Long stay visa: This is the visa for long term stays, multiple visits or work permits.

The country of active volcanoes and picturesque beaches, Indonesia is a place where you can spend months and still not want to leave. For a cultural fix, you can head to Yogyakarta or climb the breathtaking Mount Agung and enjoy the natural beauty of Komodo. If you're looking for an evening of shopping and drinks, Bali is the perfect destination topped with a dose of culture. All this and more for a minimal visa on arrival fee.



Vietnam offers visa on arrival for Indians, provided online approval has been obtained in advance through a travel agency. Recently Vietnam launched the e-Visa program so that visitors can apply online and get it electronically. With its rich culture and history, Vietnam beckons you to explore its treasures. Its capital Ho Chi Minh City is high on energy, while Hoi An is a laid back, quaint town with beautiful architecture.



White sand, cyan waters, and world-class diving sites, the Maldivian islands are perfect for a getaway from your mundane life. The variety of sea life in this part of the Indian Ocean is a visual treat with coral walls and fish in a myriad of colours. Some of the best resorts are located in the Maldives. So go ahead and pamper yourself with a surreal holiday. And to top it, Indian travelers can get a visa on arrival free of cost only after certain documents are cleared, for a stay of up to 30 days. The visa can be extended to another 60 day period with extra charges.

4.Hong Kong


The city that's always buzzing, Hong Kong is a traveller's delight. Visit Victoria's Peak or take a walk on Tsim Sha Tsui East promenade for fabulous views of the skyline. If you are in the mood to splurge, visit a night market when you're here.

For a period of up to 14 days, Indian travelers don't need a visa for Hong Kong. Your passport is stamped on entry and as long as you leave Hong Kong within fourteen days, you can be visa-free. You also need to carry proof showing you are employed or self-employed and obviously you need to carry some foreign currencies. So eat, party, and shop until you drop in Hong Kong.



Indian visitors don't need a visa to enter Macau if the stay doesn't exceed 30 days. So if you're looking for an impromptu legal gambling experience, Macau will cater to your needs. All you need to carry is an international card along with some foreign currencies. However, if you thought all there was in Macau was a Vegas-like atmosphere, you will be surprised. With a harmonious blend of the Portuguese influence and Chinese alleys and temples, Macau has rich architecture and culture too. You can also hop onto ferries that operate round the clock from Hong Kong to Macau.

These Southeast Asian countries, with their visa-friendly policies for Indians, will ensure that you always have someplace to go without queuing up at embassies. So are you excited about your upcoming trip?

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