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5 Ways International Travel Insurance Can Save the Day

February 08 2017
5 ways international travel insurance

International travel insurance can be a lifesaver on foreign soil

Holidaying is expected to be a fun affair. However, at times things do not go as planned. When an emergency strikes during a vacation, travel insurance can be the only saviour that can rescue you in a foreign land, where even normal communication can become a difficult task. Here are a few situations, which highlight the areas where international travel insurance can be your only source of succour.

Medical Bills

Imagine that you are on your dream vacation and you suddenly got sick. You are left completely on your own with your friends and family sitting thousands of miles away. During this time, you have no one to aid you. Nevertheless, you need not worry, if you have international travel insurance. It will take care of your medical bills even if you have no one to bank on. It becomes even more worth having it, if the hospital asks for a hefty advance payment before commencing treatment. Travel insurance is one way you can get that large sum of money urgently and on time.

Medical Evacuation

Holidaying, for some, usually involves getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Some tourists tend to go to faraway places, which are in remote locations and many miles away from civilisation. In this situation if any medical emergency takes place then it can be life threatening. To complicate matters more, medical evacuation are an expensive affair and can sap you of all your funds. Travel insurance can also cover this expense, so that you are taken care of when you need it the most.

Trip Cancellation

Holiday trips are planned months in advance and the payment for flights, hotels, and tours are already made well beforehand. All this is good, but if fate intervenes and puts to rest all that you have planned, it can be a huge loss. Most vacation providers will also charge you a hefty cancellation fee. With travel insurance, you can insure yourself against such losses.

Trip Delayed

You reach the airport all ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. However, on reaching, you find that your flight has been delayed not by hours but by days. The collateral expenses can come as a big setback. Imagine staying in a hotel room for a couple of days and even losing the hotel booking that you have already paid for. With travel insurance coverage, you can be reimbursed, not only for your stay at the hotel but also for the lost hotel payment at the destination.

Loss of Baggage/Passport

Losing your baggage or passport can be a harrowing experience. Especially in a foreign country, where you do not know the language and even asking for simple things can be a challenge. Passport loss can be taken care of just by calling the emergency number provided by the insurance company, which will help you in getting a duplicate passport and other related expenses. The same goes for baggage loss, wherein the insurer will pay a pre-approved sum to help you to overcome the crisis.

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