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6 Off-beat Things To Do In Tokyo

April 15 2015

From the odd to the exciting, Japanese culture serves up interesting experiences for its visitors. A combination of the latest trends and traditional culture, there is no b fetter place to experience the eccentricities of Japan than in its capital city. If you're just planning to just visit Mount Fuji and the Japanese shrines as part of your Tokyo sightseeing, you should consider altering your itinerary to accommodate these unconventional things to do in Tokyo along with some exotic places to visit.

Live Tuna Auction

Tsukiji fish market – The world's largest fish market Tsukiji fish market - The world's largest fish market

Have you ever been to a live tuna auction? If not, head over to Tsukiji fish market to see a horde of buyers and sellers haggling in rapid Japanese. It's truly a sight to behold! However, the auction takes place at 5 a.m. and admits only the first 120 people. If you're not an early bird, there are still a collection of sights, smells and tastes in the world's largest wholesale market to overwhelm you.

Fashion Watching at Harajuku

Cosplay in Harajuku district Cosplay in Harajuku district

Every Sunday, hundreds of Japanese teens flock to the colourful district of Harajuku dressed in their most vivid and quirky outfits. Go and witness Japan's Cosplay culture in all its glory. After watching these enthusiastic teens dressed like costume characters, walk down to Yoyogi Park to observe various other subcultures.

Japanese teens dresse Japanese teens dressed as their favorite comic characters

Stay In a Capsule Hotel

Inside a capsule hotel in Tokyo Inside a capsule hotel in Tokyo

Tokyo has a severe lack of space and both houses and hotels are cramped. Sliding doors are used everywhere to save that extra bit of space. It's close to impossible to find a hotel that has large and comfortable rooms. Capsule hotels are known to make maximum use of minimum space. Yes, you guessed right, these rent full-length bed-sized capsules for the night! Did you know that a typical size of a one-bedroom apartment in Tokyo is usually not more than 15 square meters (170 square feet).

Observe People Cross at Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya crossing Shibuya crossing

You will be astounded at the hordes of people crossing at once when the pedestrian light goes green at Shibuya crossing. The sheer number of people walking in tandem is a stunning sight. Get an aerial vantage point to get the best possible view of this iconic pedestrian crossing. Did you know that the famous scene where Scarlet Johansson disappears in the crowd in Sofia Coppola's ‘Lost in Translation' was shot at Shibuya crossing.

Watch Sumo Wrestling

Austria Tokyo grand sumo tournament

To some, sumo wrestling may not seem like a serious sport. However, it is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and very widely watched. If you're lucky you can catch one of the ongoing tournaments. Otherwise, you could visit sumo stables, a place where sumo's live, eat and practice. Watch their morning practice fights and learn about their training regime. Make sure you call in advance to check if visitors are allowed and check visitors' timings. Did you know that Sumos train in the morning without breakfast and then eat a calorie packed lunch and dinner while sleeping throughout the day!

Go To a Public Bath

Japanese hot spring Japanese hot spring

Space constraints meant that many Japanese homes couldn't accommodate a bath. This led the Japanese to erect sentos (public baths) and onsens (hot water spring baths) where everyone could bathe communally. These public baths prevalent throughout Japan, are frequented by tourists and locals alike. However, it is a norm to bare all while getting into these baths and you should respect their tradition if you choose to go.

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