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9 Must-See places when You travel To Russia

April 03 2015

The largest country in the world, Russia is a traveler's paradise. Extending across northern Asia and most of Eastern Europe, it spans nine time zones and covers more than one-eighth of Earth's inhabited land.

An intriguing land blessed with snow-capped mountains, numerous rivers, and deep lakes, Russia is renowned for its surreal onion domes, minarets, literature, and art. Present-day Russia is a dynamic country with thriving cities and cultural centers.

Here are some of the must-visit places during your Russian rendezvous:

- Trans-Siberian Railway

Hop on to this longest rail line in the world for an enchanting Russian travel experience. Spanning from Moscow to Vladivostok (9100 km), it was aptly known as the ‘Route of the Tsars'. It moves along panoramic vistas that never fail to amaze.

- Kazan

- Novgorod

Dive into the rich cultural and historical pool of Novgorod, which lies en route from Moscow to Saint Petersburg. One of the oldest cities, it was once as significant as the present-day Moscow of Russia. Now, although a large city, it gives the feel of a homely small town. Visit the Saint Sophia Cathedral for its brilliant frescoes and baroques.

- Lake Baikal

Known as the ‘Pearl of Siberia', Lake Baikal is the oldest and the deepest lake on Earth. You can visit it from Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, or Severobaykalsk for wilderness trekking routes in summer.

- Suzdal

Slip back in time in the picturesque city Suzdal. Intentionally preserved from modernity, it is home to stunning medieval architecture, brilliantly frescoed chapels, and quaint monasteries.

- Moscow

Moscow boasts of some of the most iconic landmarks of the country such as the Kremlin, Saint Basil's Cathedral, and Bolshoi Theatre. Revel in the grandiose city where heritage collides with modern architecture. Travel in the underground metro, go gallery hopping, or visit one of the local cafes and mingle with the friendly locals.

- Saint Petersburg

Over two centuries of aristocratic Tsar rule and made St. Petersburg a significant political center. It has a multitude of libraries, museums, and theatres as the relics of its historical significance. It is recognized as the truly European city of Russia where fascinating baroques and Neolithic architecture are aplenty. Some of the landmarks worth visiting are the Hermitage Museum and the Peter and Paul Fortress.

- Kizhi Island

Situated in the heart of Lake Onega, Kizhi Island boasts of an open-air museum, and its unique wooden architecture dating back to the 14th century. Tourists from far and wide are drawn to the famous Church of Resurrection of Lazarus - the oldest church in Russia, and the Kizhi Pogost - a Transfiguration church with its impressive twenty-two domes.

- The Golden and Silver Ring

Don't ignore the rustic scenic landscape in a rush to check out the two big cities. Acquaint yourself to the lesser-known towns that fall under the Golden Ring or the Silver Ring such as Vladimir, Kostroma, Suzdal, Sergiev Posad, or the serene city of Pylos, Pereslavl, Rostov Veliky, Tihvin, and Vologda.

When Traveling to Russia - Be Smart

A country as vast and diverse as Russia has its own share of challenges and risks for international tourists. Unlike the warm and welcoming locals, Russian winters are extremely harsh with temperatures plunging well below freezing point. While the country is adorned with powdery white snow, and frozen lakes, the Siberian temperatures can be a cause of serious concern for travelers..

Moreover, loss of baggage or belongings during transit, flight delays or trip cancellations, and ill health or unplanned hospitalization can leave a serious dent in your finances and cause a fair amount of discomfort. Whether you are on a business trip or a vacation, it makes sense to be prepared with travel insurance - a simple and cost-effective solution that guarantees peace of mind by covering financial risks. Click here to know more and to apply for a travel policy online.

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