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A Fan of Unplanned Foreign Trips? Don’t Forget to Pack Travel Insurance

December 16 2018

Travel insurance covers the loss of baggage or passports during your foreign trip

Going on an unplanned foreign trip with your friends and family members can be fun. And September to January is generally a busy period for international travel from India, considering the festive atmosphere and winter holidays in the country. Whether you’re planning a vacation to gather some lifetime memories with your loved ones, or paying a visit to your relatives staying abroad, securing yourself against any possible travel disaster is one of the first things you need to consider.

You can always encounter an unpleasant situation on foreign lands - for example, expenses for air tickets and hotel stays are obvious, but what if you end up losing your baggage? Or if you meet with an accident and have to tackle an emergency situation that requires a large sum of money, that too at an unfamiliar place? These unexpected travel expenses can significantly increase your travel budget.

Thankfully, there are some effective and convenient ways to cover these. The easiest thing that you could do is travel insurance plan  while planning your trip. It covers you against most mishaps and unforeseen problems during the trip to ensure a convenient and hassle-free vacation. You can search for various packages and subscribe to the one that suits the demands of your sudden plans. Below are some of the reasons why considering a travel insurance is one of the best steps for your wanderlust:

Hassle-free cancellations – In case you need to cancel your plan due to unavoidable circumstances, a big chunk of your money will be lost in cancelling your air tickets and hotel stays. However, if you have a valid travel insurance, you will be provided a trip cancellation coverage that may save you from such losses.

Rescheduling your trip – Sometimes, due to poor weather conditions or other inevitable situations, you may be required to reschedule your flights while starting or returning from the journey. Having a travel insurance plan may come in handy during such a scenario as it could provide alternative accommodation till the next flight or possibly arrange for tickets in the next plane.

Coverage against medical emergencies – In the event of a sudden ailment or a medical emergency during a foreign trip, your travel insurance package can come to your aid by covering your hospitalization expenses and medical bills. You will also receive immediate assistance by the healthcare partners in your vicinity.

Pre-existing illness cover – While most travel policies generally exclude the coverage for treatment of pre-existing diseases, you can find a few insurers that provide a limited cover for the emergency treatment on foreign shores, even if it is a pre-existing medical condition. Clearly declare the medical history of all the members at the time of policy purchase to avoid any trouble at the time of claim.

Baggage lost or misplaced – Checked-in baggage getting lost or misdirected to a different destination is a very common issue faced by travellers. To avoid such a scenario, the insurance coverage for delayed or lost baggage ensures that your belongings come back to you. In case your baggage is permanently lost, you will be reimbursed for new clothes and other essentials required for a comfortable trip.

Losing your passport – Losing a passport abroad can be stressful. However, with travel insurance coverage for lost passports, you will be assisted in getting a new passport as soon as possible along with the financial coverage for all the formalities involved.

Emergency assistance – Situations like being deserted on an unknown land amidst unfamiliar faces can be a horrifying experience. But if you have travel insurance, the insurance company will assist you in the transfer to a safer location.

The above reasons clearly explain why it’s prudent to pack a travel insurance as the first thing the next time you plan a foreign trip with your loved ones. You can rely on the insurance companies to have your back during the trip, so that you can concentrate more on creating everlasting memories with your loved ones rather than worrying about the possible curveballs that could derail your trip. The Schengen countries even insist on travel insurance as a pre-condition for their visa.

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