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A Travel guide for Schengen countries: Colossal Greece

April 15 2015

landscapes along with amazing archaeological sites have the ability to take you back hundreds of years, while its vibrant nightlife can brighten your present in a jiffy! Color, culture, cuisine, and coastline blend to create a package what can only be defined as colossal Greece.

Why Visit Greece

Greece Essentials 

Greece Essentials
Located in : South-eastern Europe
Capital : Athens
Calling Code : +30

Visit Greece if you want to celebrate love. Visit Greece if you want to enjoy a calm holiday at nature's best abode. Visit Greece if you want to disconnect from the world, watch enthralling sunsets by the beach, feel the first rays of sun on a mountaintop or go island hopping.

Greece's travel menu comprises of Mykonos' nightlife, Meteora's religious connect, ancient Acropolis, inviting islands, Delphi World Heritage Site and much more. One among the Schengen group of 26 countries, Greece, has evolved into a flourishing tourist spot and a prominent honeymoon destination due to its art, culture, and romantic backdrop.

When to Visit

Traditional houses in Greece

Traditional houses in Greece

Schengen Visa Requirements

1)Valid Passport, 2)Travel Insurance Cover, 3)Financial Statement, 4)Round-trip Ticket 5)Compliance with

Mainland Greece welcomes tourists throughout the year but the best time to visit Greece is when the days are longer, weather pleasant, rates economical, and when you are in the mood for an exotic vacation. May to August is the peak season when tourists throng the coast. Accommodation costs are expected to be sky-high during this period.

April and September lie at the start and end of the tourist season and are ideal for people fishing for an economical trip. October to March can be considered as an off-season, as a lot of hotels, especially those on the islands, remain closed during that period. Accommodation costs as well as the temperatures are at an all-time low in this off-season.

All about a Schengen Visa

Every tourist needs to possess a Schengen Visa to travel to Greece. Considered as a boon for tourists, the Schengen Pact is the result of cooperation between 26 European countries. These countries have eliminated individual visa requirements, thereby minimizing border control. The Pact ensures tourists and citizens enjoy hassle-free movement within the member countries on a common visa. Simply put, a Schengen Visa lets one travel to any member country without applying for multiple visas.

Visa forms are available online

Visa forms are available online

How to Apply for a Schengen Visa

To apply for a Schengen Visa, one needs to download the Visa Application Form, which is easily available online. Submit the duly filled form along with valid documentation to the destination country's embassy in India. Remember, the form needs to be filled carefully stating the reason for your visit. It also needs to be supported with your recent financial statement. Also, availing the right travel insurance plan is mandatory for securing a visa approval for a Schengen country.

How to Travel

Go island hopping on a ferry

Go island hopping on a ferry

Greece is well-connected to major airports around the world. One can conveniently book a flight to Greece from any major city. Travelling within Greece is a pleasurable experience. With a multitude of public and private transport options available, moving around is easy. Buses, trains, and flights ply frequently to all tourist spots. In certain areas, riding a bicycle could prove to be a better option, offering a unique traveling experience. Greece, known for its islands, beckons each visitor to explore its beauty on ferries, as well.

Where to Stay

Luxury hotel on Crete

Luxury hotel on Crete
(an island in Greece)

From guesthouses and hostels to 3-star and 5-star hotels, Greece features accommodations that cater to multiple budget and luxury expectations. If you wish to enjoy the ultimate hospitality experience by residing in a villa, placed on an island, for a night, you can compensate for that cost by residing in a modest settlement for the rest of the trip.

Accommodation Details Budget Mid-range High-end
Top Hotels - Centrotel Hotel, Athens - Y Hotel, Kifisia, Athens - Villa La Vie in Blue, Mykonos
- Costa Marina Villas, Fira - Porto Veneziano Hotel, Chania, Crete
- Brasil Suites Hotel Apartments, Glyfada, Athens
Approximate Tariff Range For One Night
(excluding taxes)
Rs. 3,400 - Rs. 5,000 Rs. 5,000 - Rs. 9,999 Rs. 10,000 and above
Source: TripAdvisor and MakeMyTrip

If you are traveling for business purposes, you could stay at one of the flourishing port cities, shipping being a major industry of Greece. It is advisable to book your accommodation in advance to avoid a last-minute rush and exorbitant prices. This is true even if you plan to travel in the off-season, as immediate booking without prior intimation may not be possible.

Things to Do

Parthenon on top of Acropolis

Parthenon on top of Acropolis

- Athens - Let Athens's magnanimous stature enchant you. Greece's largest city and capital, Athens, is steeped in rich archaeological and cultural history. It features the enigmatic Parthenon, a former temple of the Goddess Athena. Situated at the Acropolis (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Parthenon is a must-visit place for history buffs as well as general tourists. The Acropolis comprises of Beule Gate & Monument of Agrippa, Propylaia, Temple of Athena Nike, Statue of Athena Promachos, and Erechtheion. Modern museums at the Acropolis are engaging and informative, and should definitely not be missed.

- Meteora - Visit Meteora to etch a picture of tranquility in your mind. Located far away from the cacophony of the modern world, Meteora means ‘middle of the sky' and refers to a group of monasteries. These secluded monasteries have been built on mountain peaks and are accessible through steps cut into the mountain rock.

- Santorini and Mykonos - Watch the mild sun illuminate artistic buildings adorned with myriad hues at Santorini. A visual delight, Santorini is the southernmost island (formed on a volcanic caldera) of an archipelago named Cyclades. Officially known as Thira (also Fira), this beautiful place welcomes one and all with its serene waves, unending azure skylines and timeless villages. Mykonos, on the other hand, also a part of the Cyclades group, sets the stage for lively parties. This windy island shows off a picturesque image with numerous windmills.

- Delphi - Another of Greece's ancient archaeological sites, Delphi is of utmost importance. Once considered to be the centre of our planet, this site is located along the slopes of Mount Parnassus.

- Others - Other popular sites include Cape Sounion, National Parks at Zagori, Halkidiki Peninsula, Rhodes Town, Crete Island, and Ancient Olympia.

Do's and Don'ts

For a safe and pleasurable stay

For a safe and pleasurable stay

Although Greece is an advanced and a safe country, one needs to be cautious while traveling in an unknown land. Find below a few tips, collated from the narratives of experienced travelers:

- Adder, Viper, and Coral snakes are a constant threat especially in the islands. Ensure you wear socks, shoes, and trousers to cover your entire leg while walking through thick shrubs or grassy lands.

- Drink mineral water in the interior places of Greece if you are susceptible to stomach infections.

- Greece has strict laws when it comes to possession of drugs. Spiked drinks are a common occurrence at party resorts. Be vigilant and active.

- If you are traveling solo, keep a lookout for antisocial elements, as bag snatching is an alarming yet common evil in many cities of Greece.

Stay secured by opting for a comprehensive travel insurance plan before you set forth.

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