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Insurance Article

A Travelers Guide to Scenic Indonesia

April 15 2015

A scenic country with a religious flavor, Indonesia has fascinated tourists through the ages. Visitors throng to this enchanting land for its historical significance and its breathtaking beauty. Its monuments redefining architectural brilliance are a treat for culture-lovers. It is an abode of nature with its gigantic craters, idyllic coffee plantations and lofty mountain peaks.

1. Pious Temples

Visit the world-renowned Pradhan temple

Visit the world-renowned Pradhan temple

Indonesia is home to old temples of diverse faiths including Buddhism and Hinduism. Imagine a temple built in the 14th century! The Singosari Temple is a perfect example of an ancient temple with a deity from both the faiths, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Visit Candi Borobudur, one of the largest Buddhist temples in the world. It has an overwhelming 504 Buddha statues! Its extraordinary carvings are a delight for both the amateur tourist and professional artists.

2. Exotic Bali

Relax at the pristine beaches of Bali

Relax at the pristine beaches of Bali

You can gauge the beauty of this island from the fact that whenever you hear the name Indonesia, the word 'Bali' is foremost on your mind. Considered to be among the world's most beautiful islands, Bali's beaches are an epitome of tranquility. Explore its undersea ecosystem that is home to diverse species of marine life.

For the adventure junkies, Bali offers exciting surfing opportunities also.

3. Enchanting Lakes

Enchant yourself at Lake Toba in North Sumatra

Enchant yourself at Lake Toba in North Sumatra

You can navigate your way through the picturesque lakes that lace this country. In fact, Indonesia has 521 natural lakes and over 100 reservoirs amongst which, Lake Toba is the largest lake (by both area and volume). Relax and rejuvenate by visiting these beautiful lakes dotted with lush green landscapes.

4. Captivating Mountains

Overwhelm yourself at an active volcano in Mount Bromo, Java

Overwhelm yourself at an active volcano in Mount Bromo, Java

Located at at altitude of 2329 metres, Mount Bromo is an active volcano. An unparalleled experience, it transports you to another world.

Move over to Ijen Crater with its gushing waterfalls and riveting volcanic scenery. If you wish to move over from the drama of volcanoes, laze around at its coffee plantations.

5. Engaging Festivals

Discover Indonesian culture watching the National Balinese dance

Discover Indonesian culture watching the National Balinese dance

Besides extraordinary scenic beauty, Indonesia offers a wide mix of art and musical performances. Bung Karno Sports Complex hosts an array of competitions. Businessmen combine work and leisure by attending the Jakarta Fair in July.

6. Things to avoid in Indonesia

A crime in a peaceful place like Bali is hard to imagine. However, snatch thefts and hotel breaking cases are not unheard of. Also, take a few basic precautions while visiting high altitude regions. Acute Mountain Sickness could trouble you. Its symptoms include headache, breathlessness and fatigue.

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