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Avoid Getting Scammed On Your Next Trip

March 22 2018
Avoid Getting Scammed On Your Next Trip

Being vigilant and prepared for your trip can make all the difference

Janet booked a travel package with an online tourism site for a holiday trip to Paris with her family. She was promised four-day accommodation at a well-known countryside hotel at ₹65,000. But when she checked in with her family, she was provided another bill worth ₹27,000 by the hotel.

She was aghast to find out that the online site duped her by omitting mandatory charges like service tax and booking fees. She could not help but curse herself for believing in a third party tourism site.

You might experience something similar while you are travelling abroad for a holiday or a business meet. In search of a good deal, you might be fooled by local burglars who may run away with your money. From getting overcharged on cab rides to unknowingly revealing your credit card information, travel scams may ruin your trip. Here’s what you can do to prevent them from happening to you.

Research Well Before Booking Online

Online transactions are convenient and attractive, but most of the travel scams pertain to online purchases. This calls for more vigilance before booking a travel plan online. Cross-check the credibility of any travel-related offer by authenticating it directly with the airlines or hotels.

Know Cab Fares Beforehand

One of the most common travel scams is overcharging of tourists by transport vehicles. Cabs from airports or buses around the city may charge you much more than the actual fare. Always ask an authorized person or hotel staff about the estimate cost for the ride and collect knowledge about the routes before hiring any vehicle.

Exchange Cash from Reliable Sources

You may need foreign currency anytime during your trip abroad. Do remember to exchange cash from reliable sources like a bank or trustworthy currency exchange outlets. Do not fall for ATM fraud which can scan your credit card data and can lead you into trouble. Accepting cash from unauthorized sources can also lead to you getting forged notes.

Hire a Tourist Guide from Authorised Agency

It is better to hire a trusted tourist guide from an authorised agency that can escort you during your trip. You might be paying a few pennies more for its services, but it can save you from fraudulent attempts on foreign shores.

Your unfamiliarity with local customs, people and their behaviour makes you more vulnerable to such travel-related scams. You need to be cautious about everything that may disrupt your vacation. Arming yourself with travel insurance is a great way of insulating oneself from consequences of unfortunate incidents that may happen on foreign shores.

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