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Do's and Don'ts to pack the Perfect Women's Bag

April 10 2015

Eager to start packing for a trip to you dream destination? Not sure where to start? Don't fret; packing the perfect bag isn't an unattainable fantasy. Here are a few tips, exclusively for women, which are sure to work like a charm.

Follow to the T

Make a List
Would you rather spend a few minutes and make a list or forget something and spend a tiny fortune purchasing it abroad? Don't be lazy; make a list. You can make one on your smart phone and keep ticking and updating it. Share the list with your co-travelers to avoid duplication of common items. A comprehensive list will make packing a more organized and efficient task.

Find the Right Bag
Say you didn't make a list and simply assumed all your stuff would fit in that tiny bag. Isn't it a waste of time? Once you have made the list, spend some time looking for the right bag. It should have all the right compartments for your clothes and essentials. But do not go overboard. You do not want to be charged extra at the baggage counter simply because your bag had too much space that you filled with nothings.

Shoes First - Roll Clothes - Shut Suitcase
If your trip requires you to carry stilettos and multiple pairs of shoes, the best way to pack them is at the bottom of your suitcase. You can roll and pack your clothes in the spaces between your shoes. If you are slightly paranoid, you can even pack your shoes in a plastic wrap. However, this might lead to some space constraints.

Leave Some Unused Space
This applies only if you are planning to go shopping at the foreign location. OF COURSE YOU ARE! Since that is a resounding yes, you may want to leave some space in that suitcase to carry back all the stuff you buy. When you shop, it is best not to get these items wrapped. Apart from eating up space, it could prove to be a waste of time in case your bags were checked at the airport.

Avoid Like the Plague

Packing Your Closet
It might be very hard to leave behind that yellow sundress. But it needs to be done. You do not need to change your clothes three times a day. Be smart while packing; pick outfits you can mix and match. This will help you save space for other items. You can even select a theme for your vacation. It will help you select your clothes better and faster.

Carrying Your Entire Beauty Kit
The trick to packing the perfect suitcase is keeping it light. A well-stocked beauty kit is the antithesis of light. Know that it's okay to not look drop dead gorgeous in your vacation snaps. You can use the extra space to store toiletries like shampoo and a few trinkets of jewelry to spruce up your attire.

Unnecessary Utilities
The definition of necessary is relative. However, that does not mean you need to pack a book light, a torch, a hairdryer or electronic language translators. You need the space to store a camera, a charger, power banks and adapters if you are going overseas.

Fully Geared Medical Kit
Yes, you definitely need the basics - sunscreen, antacids, painkillers and a few band-aids. What you surely do not need are sprays to relieve pain, tweezers and scissors. They occupy too much space and chances are you will come out of the vacation more or less unscathed.

So are you ready to start packing?

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