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Insurance Article

Essential Features of Student Travel Insurance

May 26 2015
A look at important aspects that a Student Insurance Plan should cover while studying abroad

Did You Know?

 A waiver form can be filled to opt out of the insurance sold by the university; however, you must have a comparable domestic insurance policy that adheres to their guidelines.

You may have been preparing since ages to go to your dream university, but there will always be a last minute scramble to ensure you have not forgotten anything. Amongst packing clothes, food and your prized possessions, do not forget to purchase a suitable student travel insurance.

Student Travel Insurance or Student Health Insurance insures your travel and stay in a foreign land. It protects you from financial losses arising out of unpredictable incidents and situations from the moment you get on the plane to the moment you are safely back home.

A wide range of domestic insurance policies are accepted by foreign universities, however, compare the features and choose the best policy to cover your health and possessions. A few essential features that should be covered in your policy are listed below:

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are very high abroad. This financial strain can cause you unwanted stress during your studies. Comprehensive student insurance covers costs of consultation, hospitalization and medicines for the treatment of your illness or injury. Major Indian insurance companies facilitate cashless medical attention, and expedite the claim process.

Some insurers cover additional medical emergencies like:


Good health helps you focus on studies

  • Mental and nervous disorders
  • Dental treatment
  • Diagnostic tests for cancer
  • Treatment of sports injuries

Make sure you check the extent of your medical coverage before purchasing any particular student travel insurance.

Loss of Possessions

Apart from medical costs, your insurance should also cover loss of passport and loss of checked in luggage. Losing either of the two can be a major hassle when alone in a new country, and your student insurance will compensate your losses to help you deal with the situation.

Personal Liability


Foreign education is expensive

Under personal liability, you are insured for any damages caused to a third person's property and any unintended injuries you may cause to them. Accidental damage to the property you are living in could rack up large repair costs that you may be unable to pay. This is a common instance amongst international students; therefore, ensure that your insurance plan covers you financially in such a case.

Interruption of Studies

Very few students get the opportunity to attend their dream university. Moreover, when they secure admission, they have to pay astronomical tuition fees. Many a times an unforeseen interruption causes the student to miss a semester or more, which not only leads to loss of the student's time but also loss of tuition fees that have been paid.

A sponsor's demise can be emotionally catastrophic for the student, and financial strain to complete their studies should not add to their woes. Make sure your policy covers reimbursement for any such interruptions in your studies so you can excel at education, irrespective of the external circumstances.

Other Unfortunate Incidents

Studying in a foreign country can be exciting as well as intimidating. Apart from your education, your social life takes you many places, where you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation. There have been cases where Indian students have accidentally broken the law and have been involved in an incident due to miscommunication, resulting in them placed behind bars. Bail bond coverage in your insurance policy can help you secure release if detained for a bailable offence.

Another welcome feature in a student's insurance policy is the inclusion of two-way compassionate visits. If you are hospitalized for over 7 days, a relative can come visit you, courtesy of compensation by your insurance company. Similarly, this feature can be used by a student to visit an ailing relative in India.

Securing your Study Abroad

Once you receive your admission letter, search for a policy that covers all the above features, and meets your university's requirements. With the support of a comprehensive insurance cover, you can embark upon this new chapter in your life without worry. Moreover, your family back home will be content knowing you are safe and secure in a distant country.

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