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Experience Guangzhou

July 07 2015

Food to balance your inner chi or energy

Shopping street in the back alleys of the sprawling city of Guangzhou

Shopping street in the back alleys of the sprawling city of Guangzhou

Classical architecture of the orient

Classical architecture of the orient



Synonymous with good food and shopping, Guangzhou is a bustling tourism centre in China. Be it food, clothes, or home decor, Guangzhou has it all. The wealthiest Chinese province, Guangzhou is traditionally known as Canton in the West. This historical port town, on the Pearl River Delta in South China's Guandong province, is the centre of trade and commerce.

The city is famous for a its abundant supply of everything, ranging from mouthwatering delicacies to almost every manmade commodity. Here is a list of some of the things you could do when you visit Guangzhou:

Relish mouth-watering culinary delights

Guangzhou is known as the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine. Locals as well as tourists, all love the local delicacies such as Jidi Zhou or Jidi porridge, Chang Fen or steamed vermicelli roll, Yuntun Mian or Wanton noodle, and tea and other concoctions of all kinds. So much so that patrons do not mind standing in long queues, waiting to be seated at one of the restaurants and diners.

You must however be wary of the dish you choose, as Guangzhou cuisine uses a wide range of ingredients including snakes and wildcat, besides pork, pigeon, etc.

Teahouses serving morning tea or "yum cha" with dim sum and the customary midnight snack, Yexiao, are famous. From ice cream shops, teahouses, local diners to exquisite fine dining restaurants, Guangzhou provides you a string of options.

Shop until you drop

The best way to explore the city is to walk the historical back alleys and shop at the street markets.

Do not miss the Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street known for its folk customs, and Qing Ping market for its variety of dried herbs and meats.

The prices are competitive and the variety abundant, do make sure you have enough cash for the goods and luggage space to take it back home.

Local culture, history and nature

Along with its flourishing trade and market spaces, Guangzhou has well preserved historical monuments interspersed within the city. You can marvel at the exquisite architecture of the 19th century Chen Clan Ancestral hall, or peek into the culture and history of China by visiting the 1700-year-old Bright Filail Piety Buddhist Temple.

Yuexiu Park is another such place, which offers unique sights and is home to some historical Chinese dynasties' relics. Chinese architecture is intricate, beautiful, and artistic and you can witness many such ancient and modern works of artistry in the city.

The Buddhist Temple of the Six Banyan trees, dating back to 537 AD, and the modern architectural marvel of the Guǎngzhōu Opera House are worth a visit.

Best time to visit

Located along the southern coastline of China, Guangzhou enjoys a sub-tropical climate with highest humidity in summer months. Best times to visit are during the months Oct-Nov and Apr-May.

Local culture, history and nature

Lost baggage, misplaced documents, accidents and the possibility of being imprisoned for breaking a law, you may not be aware of in all probabilities, are some of the risks every traveler faces. As a tourist visiting a foreign nation, one should ensure safety at all times.

Though Guangzhou is an extraordinary town, travelers visiting the city must be wary of the risks involved. Air pollution is a serious health hazard in China's port town; one can suffer from nausea, coughing etc. Guangzhou's whimsical culinary delights do involve some unusual ingredients that may not suite your palate and you might end up with an allergic reaction.

Travel insurance can provide cover for hospitalization expenses and accidental death when travelling. Equip yourself with comprehensive travel insurance for Guangzhou and enjoy a hassle-free trip.

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