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Exploring Canada beyond Niagara Falls

July 08 2015
Image Name

Banff National Park

 Banff National Park 

Banff National Park

Baffin Island - the biggest island of Canada

Baffin Island - the biggest island of Canada

Delightful Toronto

Delightful Toronto

Mesmerizing Northern Lights

Mesmerizing Northern Lights

The City of Stone

The City of Stone



Exploring Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world stretching from the Arctic Circle in the North to the U.S. in the South. With Ottawa as its capital, it also has other vibrant cities like Montreal, Toronto, Quebec and more. Apart from the world famous Niagara Waterfalls, here is a list of places that you must see on your next visit to Canada.

Banff National Park, Alberta

Canada's first national park covers an area of 6641 square kilometers of unparalleled natural beauty. A nature lover’s paradise, the park has glistening glaciers, snow-capped peaks and flower-filled Sunshine Meadows.

The clear emerald waters of Lake Louise leave visitors enchanted. Adventure seekers can indulge in activities like canoeing, whitewater rafting and mountain climbing. The park also offers relaxing activities like fishing, birdwatching, and guided tours. Whichever you choose, this bountiful haven is a must-see for every tourist.

Baffin Island, Nunavut

Baffin Island is the largest island of Canada and the fifth largest island in the world. Vast mountains, glaciers, tundra and pristine wilderness are all a part of this island.

For those who love outdoor activities, Baffin Island has a lot on offer. You can take a sledge across the frozen Frobisher Bay, gawp at colossal icebergs and discover Inuit traditions. You can spot aquatic and arctic fauna including whales, seals, polar bears, musk ox and migrating birds and enjoy breath-taking scenery.

City of Toronto, Ontario

Sprawling along the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, is Canada’s largest metropolis, the city of Toronto. The diversity of this city is experienced in every aspect, from culture and art to cuisine, fashion and even entertainment.

The 342m (1,222ft) tall CN Tower gives an impressive view of the lake that surrounds Toronto. The city also houses Dundas Square, a Canadian counterpart of Times Square that hosts free events like concerts, films and more every day.

Magic of the Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis, the ethereal lights are frequently visible from the Northwest Territories. One would have to splurge on a trip to a fly-in lodge, or join a tour from Yellowknife and travel by dogsled across a frozen lake to observe this magical, kaleidoscopic phenomenon.

The Stone walled Quebec City

If you want to acquaint yourself with the history of medieval France then Quebec is the ideal destination for you. UNESCO lists it as the only fortified colonial city of North America. Everything in this area, from music to art and the food is distinctly French Canadian.

It has a charming 17th and 18th Century setup, in contrast with the glitzy skyscrapers of today. The impressive Château Frontenac, the classic bistros in the Petit-Champlain district and the historic Citadel are true delight for a history buff.

Precaution First

Although Canada is one of the safest countries in the world, precaution should always be the tourist motto. Busy airports can result in a loss of baggage or loss of important travel documents like passport and tickets. These situations can be stressful and expensive to solve. Ensure peace of mind by buy comprehensive  travel insurance.

The weather conditions in Canada can be harsh and the extreme cold may not agree with your health. An unexpected blizzard or avalanche can ruin your trip and even send you to the hospital if you’re caught off guard. A hospitalization abroad can be costly and the consequent trip delays can rob you of all the fun. The best way to safeguard you from these and any other unpleasant experiences would be buying comprehensive travel insurance. This would cover your medical expenses and ensure cashless hospitalization.


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