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Getting Acquainted In France

March 30 2015
language. That apart, the cuisine, the souvenirs, the body language, their etiquette and not to mention their dressing sense can be overwhelming if you are not acquainted with it.

Whether you visit La France, for vacation or for work, make sure you have certain pointers in mind; these will guide you through the high lanes and by-lanes of this beautiful country filled with people who love their culture!

Parlez-vous Francais (Do You Speak French)?

Before you step out on rues des France, knowing some basic French will make your day easier and more fun. Besides, you get to learn another language too!


Good morning/Good day - generally used during the course of the day
Bonne nuit
Good night
Thank you
Excuse me
Oui Yes
S'il vous plait
Merci beaucoup
Thank you very much
Au revoir
Comment vous appellez-vous? What is your name?
Combien de?
How much?
Tomorrow/Next day
Madam, Mrs.
Young lady
Monsieur Mr.

To further acquaint yourself with the language, you could always download an app on the go.

The Cuisine


French cuisine is renowned world over and is known for its fine taste and precision-obsessed presentations. There is gastronomical diversity from the smallest towns to the biggest cities which makes French food tres magnifique! French cuisine consists of mostly meats and sea food, complemented by wine. Red wine is served with meats like beef, mutton, pork, lam, while white wine accompanies fish and chicken. Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, the famous Champagne are many of France's finest. Dishes like Choucroute (a filling dish with sausages and other salted meats), Cassoulet (rich gravy with white beans and meat), Bouillabaisse (traditional fish stew), Soup de Poisson along with Quiche, Fodue (bread dipped in melted cheese), Raclette and Coq au Vin (braised chicken with wine) are must-haves!


French Etiquette

The French are very fastidious about etiquette, especially during meal times. They also imbibe a body language of confidence and joviality. If you can't pronounce an item on the menu in a restaurant, point it out to the waiter and he'll understand. Fork and knife ought to be kept in the 5:25 position once you're done eating. Keep them crisscross if you need a second helping. Handshakes are light, not firm. Kissing the cheeks when greeting friends and family has been a tradition and when you count, ALWAYS begin with the thumb!

When in France...>Couture

There is always an element of surprise while gifting and the French have rules to ensure that surprise element does not fade away. Whether you go to social parties or corporate meetings, it is always polite to thank the host or hostess for the party the next day with a note. Gifts should be of the finest quality and wrapped with finesse and elegance. Cookies and cakes are gifted too and when it comes to flowers, steer clear from odd numbers or sixes and twelves as these are considered unlucky!

If France had another name, it would be Haute Couture. High fashion is not left to the ramps. You will find it in the city streets too. They have a knack of seamlessly blending simplicity with style. Trench coats, scarves, dark washed denims and bold footwear are the norm on a casual day. Work wear includes conservative formal wear in dark or neutral hues. Adding a dash of color - be it the lipstick, scarf, tie, watch, shoes or any other accessory is la coutume in France.

So come visit France and enjoy some joie de vivre!

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