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How to Do Kayak Camping

August 15 2017

Kayak camping gives you the freedom of exploring the unexplored

Kayak camping is a unique way of camping using kayaks. For adventure enthusiasts, kayak camping presents a whole new way of exploring the unexplored. It takes you closer to nature and helps you escape the monotony of life. It is as interesting as it sounds. However, there are certain instructions and rules that, if followed, will make your kayak-camping trip a memorable one.

The idea of kayak camping is, paddling through rivers or open water during the day and retreating to the shore at night besides a cosy campfire. Although it sounds interesting, but for first timers, kayak camping is not an easy task. Here is a list of tips you must take into consideration before heading out.

Research and Planning

Before you start your journey, a thorough research is needed to plan your trip. There are numerous locations in the United States, Scotland, Greece and Croatia, where you can bring your dream of kayak camping to life. However, many of these locations require permission from the authorities. Get in touch with relevant or experienced individuals and do an extensive research online before setting sail.

Getting Your Kayak

For a memorable kayak camping trip, the first thing you need, is obviously a kayak. Buying one of your own is definitely the best idea. A kayak can be brought from wholesale suppliers or online as well. However, renting a kayak for your trip, is also a feasible option. There are outfitters near every campsite and you can rent one, at an affordable price.

Gathering Supplies

If you want your kayak camping trip to be a successful one, you need to think like a hiker. The gear and equipment required for your trip are almost similar. Just like trekking, the primary concerns are weather, duration, seasons and group size. Each of these conditions affect the amount of supplies you will be carrying. So, gather supplies accordingly.

For example, if the group is large, then you need to carry more food, water and other essentials. Moreover, you need to split the supplies and gears among the group to keep the payload in sync.

Packing wisely

To be safe during the trip, there is a long list of things you need to carry. Kayak camping is not as restrictive as trekking. Most of the gear and supplies will be kept inside the canoe. The size and weight of your equipment are the chief concerns while packing. For food, you should rely on heavy vinyl bags to keep them fresh and healthy.

It is also mandatory to keep the balance while packing to prevent the canoe from flipping over. Heavier items like food and water can be kept in the middle of the canoe, and lighter items, such as sleeping bags, flare gun and clothes can be kept near both ends.

Take Experts Along

There is a difference between visualising your trip after research and doing it for real. If you are a first timer, then it is recommended to take veteran campers along on your trip. Experts know exactly how to plan and execute. You can also add a guide to your group to know the place better. He will be able to take you to the key attractions and warn you about places that are considered dangerous.

Now, we can easily think of the fun and excitement, a kayak camping trip can provide. It can give you an experience of a lifetime. However, like other adventure activities, things can go awry and it is advisable that you have a travel insurance in place. A travel insurance can offer protection from unforeseen mishaps or accidents and in times when you require it the most.

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