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Insurance Article

International Road Trip? Your Indian DL is Valid in These Countries

March 10 2019

Keeping in mind the traffic rules, you can use your Indian driving license to drive in some other countries as well

There is something soothing as well as enthralling about road-trips. Moreover, if you are driving by yourself on a long road-journey, it can be an absolute pleasure. You can set your travel itinerary as per your convenience, leave whenever you want, stop wherever you want without fretting about catching or missing flights and trains, and gush through the beautiful landscapes.

Nowadays, almost every tourism cluster offers cars on rent for the tourists. You can avail this service to set out on a long road-trip across the borders. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about the legal complications while driving overseas as your Indian driving license is also valid in many other countries. Below is a list of countries which permit you to drive on their roads with a valid Indian DL:

United Sates of America

The United States of America (USA) allows you to drive within the country with a valid Indian DL for a year, given that the license is documented in English. In case your DL is documented in any other language, you’ll need an International Driving Permit (IDP) along with a copy of I-94 form, which depicts the date of your arrival in USA.


You can drive in Australia with a valid Indian driving license for a period of 3 months. However, you can drive only those vehicles that are mentioned in your DL. Also, it should be documented in English and the DL will allow you to drive all through New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Northern region and the Australian Capital Territory.


If you are visiting Canada for a period of 3 months or less, you can drive in the country using your Indian driving license. Note, that you should at least be 16-years-old and the vehicle which you’re driving must have a valid insurance coverage. While driving the vehicle, you must always carry the document of the ownership permit of that vehicle.


France allows you to drive across the country with an Indian driving license, given the condition that you have a French translation of your DL. The validity of your domestic driving license in France is for one year.


To drive in Germany, a valid Indian driving license will be enough for a period of 6 months. It is suggested that you should get an International Driving Permit (IDP) as an extra step, though in Germany it is not mandatory to acquire it.

Great Britain

In the Great Britain or United Kingdom, you can drive anywhere, with a valid Indian driving license. However, here you can only drive the specified type of vehicles that are mentioned in your DL.


In order to drive a vehicle in Italy, you need to obtain an International Driving Permit along with the driving license of a foreign country. This means that you are eligible to drive on the roads of Italy with an Indian driving license for a period of one year if you hold an IDP along with it.

New Zealand

While in New Zealand, you can drive if you’ve a valid driving license of India, if it is documented in English. However, if your license is in any other language, you will have to acquire an official translation of it approved by the New Zealand Transport Agency. Also, your age should be at least 21 to drive a car in this country.

South Africa

If you own a valid Indian driving license, you can drive through the roads of South Africa, given that either your DL is documented in English or you have obtained an English version of the same. Also, your signature along with your photograph should be imprinted on your license.


You can drive in Spain with your Indian driving license for a period of one year. However, for this you also need to obtain an International Driving Permit from the authority, as mandated by the country’s law.


Driving in the snow-covered mountainous terrain can be a sequence of your dreams. You can change this dream into a reality by driving in Switzerland. And the best part is you can do so if you own an Indian driving license, given that you’ve got the English version of it.

Now that you know the countries where you can drive with your Indian Driving License, it’s time to plan an international road-trip with your loved ones and step out into a wanderlust. Also, make sure to buy a travel insurance package to tackle any unforeseen circumstances on a foreign land that may require huge financial obligations.

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