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Japan - Where the Past and the Future meet

July 10 2015


Genbaku Dome, the only structure left after the blast

Genbaku Dome, the only structure left after the blast

Snow monkeys staying warm during winter 

Snow monkeys staying warm during winter

The castle comes alive with color when the cherry blossoms bloom 

The castle comes alive with color when the cherry blossoms bloom

Tokyo Tower lit up at dusk 

Tokyo Tower lit up at dusk

An adventure for all ages 

An adventure for all ages

Meet Asilo: Honda’s most advanced robot 

Meet Asilo: Honda's most advanced robot


Japan consists of a string of islands in the Pacific Ocean that have it all - rich cultural heritage, expansive mountains, hot springs, untouched lakes, modern architecture and cutting edge technology.

You can experience the bustle of modernization in Tokyo and surround yourself with natural beauty at the Buddhist shrines and hot springs. Here is a list of the Japan's best attractions spanning across several eras.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial

Hiroshima, one of the two Japanese cities that suffered the wrath of a nuclear bomb during WWII, has erected a peace memorial as a tribute to the lives that were lost on the fateful day of 6th August, 1945.

The memorial features Genbaku Dome, the only building in the blast radius that survived. Inside the memorial is a museum that documents the history of the Hiroshima bombing and tells the stories of the thousands who suffered.

Jigokudani Monkey Park

Want to watch Japanese snow monkeys relaxing in a hot spring? Head over to 'Hell's Valley', a part of the Jigokudani monkey park with hot springs (onsen), where you can observe steam and bubbles rising out of the frozen ground, surrounded by a cold and desolate forest.

The park is located in the Nagano prefecture and is part of Joshinetsu Kogen National Park. The warm water of the onsen is inviting in the colder months, a time when the scenery is at its enchanting best.

Himeji Castle

One of the best existing examples of traditional Japanese architecture, Himeji castle is an iconic structure built during the Japanese feudal period. Built to be impenetrable by enemies, the castle has survived WWII bombings and has also featured in the James Bond movie, 'You Only Live Twice'.

The brilliant white exterior and the swooping rooftop resemble a bird taking flight, resulting in the nickname ‘The White Heron Castle'. Take a guided tour (available in several languages) to see the inner defenses of the castle and the dungeons where prisoners were tortured.

Tokyo Tower

Sprouting from the closely packed streets of Tokyo is the soaring Tokyo Tower. A symbol of technological advancement, it is the second tallest man-made structure in Japan.

Go up to the observation deck for stunning views of the world's most populated metropolis. There are many interesting restaurants and shops to explore, at the base of the tower.

Universal Studios Japan

Get lost in the world of your favorite movies, with over 20 rides and shows for patrons of all ages. Want to fly on a Hippogriff? Want to purchase wands from Diagon Alley? Now you can do that and more at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which recreates Harry's magical world in painstaking detail.

For younger kids there is the Wonderland, Snoopy studios and Sesame Street Fun World. You can also watch the 4D Amazing Spider Man show, an immersive experience that will enthrall your entire family.

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation is a place where you can have hands-on interaction with innovative technology. There are various exhibits that you can explore or you could sit for one of the informative classes or talks.

It‘s the best way to learn how technological advances of today are enriching our day-to-day lives. Don't miss their robotics section where you can see robots and droids powered with Artificial Intelligence.

Travelling Safely

Covering all of Japan requires a long and well-planned holiday as Japan's beauty is spread out over its many prefectures. There are several health risks you may face during a long trip, so take the necessary precautions. Japan is a country prone to earthquakes as it lies between two tectonic plates. A natural disaster can ruin your holiday or worse, injure you. Avail cashless hospitalization and medical assistance anywhere in the world with comprehensive travel insurance. It will financially protect you against any other misfortunes like loss of baggage, trip delays and cancellations as well. Click here in order to get details on travel insurance plans for you and your family.


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